Saturday, September 18, 2010

Poor baby boys!

Or should I say:  "Poor Zest!"?

It finally occurred to me that I needed to separate the ram lambs from the rest of the flock!  I've never done it this late, but I've never had lambing as late as I did this year either.  Since the only way I could get "Rain" (one of Zest's twins) into the paddock I was moving the boys to, was to let Zest in there ~ Zest is keeping all the baby boys  company. 

"Chrome" (HST),  "Burdock" (black) and "Rain" (moorit) are all

Chrome and Burdock are flock sire quality but Rain should be wethered
and kept as a fiber pet (he has heavenly SOFT fleece),  because his tail is too long and woolly.

Rain's twin brother "Storm Warning" is growing into his lovely tail quite nicely. 
I think he would be an excellent flock sire as well!
Storm is also FOR SALE...

I have to admit, I've got a real soft spot in my heart for Storm.
He's SUCH a sweet, gentle ram lamb.  I just love him.

In fact, I love Storm so much, that if he doesn't go to a breeding home, I plan on wethering him (I do not want to keep an intact ram) and keeping him for his fleece (AND his personality!).

The other boy that has totally won me over is
"Polar Bear"

I think he's going to grow into a spectacular ram!
His fleece is incredible, his conformation excellent and he's a gentle, respectful ram lamb.
If he doesn't sell, I plan on using Bear on a few of my adult ewes this fall.
He's that good!

Another wonderful, breeding quality ram lamb is
one of Destiny's triplets

Which, of course, means that Burdock is
an Alice grandson!

Who would have ever guessed?


This big galoot is


(in spite of the burrs in his fleece!  I'll get them out)
If you want to breed for incredibly dense, soft, moderately crimped fleece and  super conformation on HST Shetlands, you should  be looking at this guy!
Chrome is for sale for $400.00

I still have one other ram lamb, who has not been separated yet.
It appears that Godiva doesn't think it's time to wean her stunning, black ram lamb!

Since he was the last lamb born and is quite a bit younger than the other boys, I'm willing to give him another week with his Mom.  THEN  he's going in with the boys and will be available for sale!
He really is a gorgeous, black ram lamb with just incredible, VERY black fleece.
He's out of my line that goes back to "White Diamond" and his fleece shows it!

DREAM says...

"Gee!  I'm really going to miss (cough, cough!) those obnoxious ~ I mean sweet boys!
Is it almost time for pumpkins yet???"

Soon, Dreamer. 
Very soon...


  1. How many ewes did you breed?? I thought that you were cutting back this year. If this is your rams for sale, I bet that you had more lambs than ME this year!! woo hoo! I may be succeeding at dealing with this addiction ... except for another trip to pick up just ONE more Shetland ram ... hehehe

  2. Marilyn9:36 PM

    What wonderful looking sheep you have. I am glad I am not having to make the decision of who is for sale. I would want to keep them all.
    Only had two ram lambs born this spring. Wethered them both as I knew I couldn't do any more breeding and couldn't let them go.
    Thank you for such wonderful photo's of your sheep and chickens.

  3. I'm in love with your sheep! It must be terribly hard to let some of them go each year.

    Nancy in Iowa

  4. More beautiful boys!! I don't think you've ever had a less than stunning looking Shetland, I swear!

  5. You are correct, Bill. I was planning on cutting back this year. However, the ram lamb that I overwintered for a friend had other ideas! Rather than let him tear down my fences, I opened the gate...

    I'm glad that you enjoy my blog, Marilyn and Mom L . You're right, it can be very difficult deciding who to keep and heart breaking saying goodbye to some of my favorites!

    Thanks, Tammy! I take that as high praise coming from a fellow Shetland breeder!

  6. Anonymous5:51 PM


    I'll bring you some pumpkins soon, but you must promise you'll share, ESP. with all those good looking ram lambs!


  7. DREAM says...

    "Oh, Thank You Terry! Can you come over tomorrow???

  8. Oh, dear - I'm remembering adventures with pumpkins past. Better keep that Dreamer from getting up to mischief and leading those sweet little lambies astray!!

  9. Chrome can come and join my flock!! Is he any good at swimming? Lovely lambs Nancy, I'm not surprised that you don't want to part with them x



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