Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'll TRY to do better...

I don't know why I've been SO bad about keeping up my blogs lately!
How on Earth did I keep up with things when I was working  full  time?

I'll try to catch you up with  pictures of a few of my girls...


She's all grown-up and I (and the sheep) adore her!

My beautiful "Bellamica" (Bella)

Lately, Bella's been enjoying coming out into the sheep pasture with Sable and I.  Here she is supervising an orderly exit from the sheep barn...

Look how BIG those ram lambs are!
That's Angel's white, "Polar Bear" and Godiva's "Jazz".

Speaking of BIG babies...

THIS is what a ten year old, Shetland ewe can do without anything but grass!
(OK, I did give her a little bit of creep feed, each day, for the first month.  But ever since then, it's been just grass). 
 And animal crackers...  

Beautiful "Clover"
Is one of only two ewe lambs that I have left for sale.

The other is Destiny's triplet:


My precious "Sara" ~ with her silky, soft fleece

will be leaving for her new home next week.
I'm sure going to miss her!

Fall is finally here!
I'm loving the cool temperatures.
The chickens are loving my garden...

As is "miss Daisy"...

DREAM says...

"ExCUSE me! 
 Do I see chickens on MY blog???
They have their own blog!
And they BETTER not be eating MY

(click on 'pumpkins' to see who's eating the pumpkins in 2007)


  1. Hope you've been doing well! :)

  2. Anonymous8:29 PM

    Oh Dream, Your expressions always match your tone of voice and your words so well. Don't tell your Mom, but could you discretely find out if Clover is Shaela and if yes, how much she costs? Her white necklace is too cute! Now don't get jealous, you are still Numero Uno, but please just spy a little and let me know. (I told your mom I wasn't going to buy any ewe lambs until I had my fence up, and I still don't have it up, so, technically, I shouldn't be making any OFFICIAL inquiries...)This is strictly UNOFFICIAL. You know who I am--The One Who Thinks She Owns Godiva.

  3. Hi Nancy! I don't know what you think you have to be better at--I think you're doing a great job keeping up with it all! :-)) I continue to love to see the pictures of your four-legged-family members! They all look happy and content, I can tell that life is good!

    By the way, Nancy, that is so very kind and sweet of you to offer to spin some yarn from my Goldens!! I think that would be really wonderful and I would love having yarn spun from from them, but unfortunately for me, I lack the talent to knit or crochet...THANK YOU for the very gracious offer though!!

  4. Does Clovers Bielset ring go all the way around? She's very pretty, very much like my Aurora from last year :)

  5. Your animals all look very well Nancy. I'm sure they are appreciating the cooler temperatures.
    Blessings, Star

  6. The sheep are gorgeous, as is Bella. As for Sable, I cannot believe that adorable ball of fluff turned into such a beautiful, grownup lady!

    Nancy in Iowa

  7. I hear ya' on those silly chickens Dreamer! ;-)

  8. Thanks Everyone (except the Crazysheeplady)!

    Rayna, Clover's 'necklace' does not go around the back of her neck. It's more like a bib. I think there's a name for that...

    Ah, yes! I just looked it up in my "Colour Census Illustrated": "Kraiget ~ having neck (at freont) of different colour from remainder of body."

  9. well that was a pretty darn good re-cap ;) your puppy dogs are beautious! Sable really grew amazingly out of her puffy-puppy stage; and its always nice to see the pastoral sheepies pics. For me its like reading a poem in warp speed; just one of your pictures replaces thousands of words about crisp air and tree shadow speckled sun. I miss home.

  10. Home misses you too my Beautiful Baby Girl!



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