Monday, September 06, 2010

Savor the Holiday!

Happy Labor Day!
How wonderful that many people in the United States get to have a Monday off.  Of course, I'm off all the time since I still haven't found a job.  Ah well, more time to enjoy my critters!

Look at this little beauty!
"Bluff Country Sizzle"

I'm completely in love with Zest's moorit ram lambs!
Storm Warning and Rain

I have GOT to update my "For Sale" page on my website!

Beautiful "Daisy" left for her new home yesterday.
She'll be living with Maria & Josh Krenz of Princeton, MN.
Congratulations Maria & Josh!

 Zaria's gorgeous twin ewe lambs
Snip and Smudge went with Daisy

And Godiva's flashy HST son, "Jazz",  went with three girls. 
Can you imagine having your FIRST FOUR SHEEP  be these four?  What a great start with Shetlands!

At least Godiva still has her handsome, black son to keep her company.  He's really growing into quite the correct ram lamb!  Definite flock sire quality.
(Jazz's brother is for sale)

DREAM says...

"I'm just laying in the weeds here, enjoying the peace & quiet. 
No labor for me this year!
Mom's all excited about something BIG that she and the Crazy Sheep Lady are cookin up..."

Don't forget to

"Hug A Sheep!"


  1. Very cute lambs nancy!! what are you and the crazy sheep lady cooking up?? lol

  2. Have a wonderful week! :)

  3. You have another fan here at my house--My husband saw me looking at your website and LOVED the sheep too!! I think we should have at least one to hug, but he says no...I'll work changing that!!
    I hope you've had a great weekend--Too bad it has to come to an end! :-))

  4. Anonymous8:03 PM

    Hi Nancy,

    Congrats on all your beautiful lambs, and I'm so glad for Jazz that he got to go to a new home with 3 beautiful girls!!!! Wow, his brother Razz is looking good--what crimpy fleece he has, and are those WOOLY Mutton Chops (cheeks) I see on him???? Adorable!

    I over-dyed Godiva's wool this weekend and I was very pleased with the results. What lovely, rich colors her fawn fleece produces combined with dyes. I limited myself to two dyes this weekend ("ripe tomato" and "Deep Aqua Green" but now of course I want to try everything I have....the ripe tomato produced a very rich deep red (or plum burgundy when it bled into the aqua green) on Godiva's fawn fleece and the deep aqua green produced everything from a gorgeous, rich forest green to that lighter sagey green that is very fashionable now as the dye bath exhausted. I can hardly wait to show you--I know you had done that some on a fawn or mioget fleeces of yours, and were also pleased...thanks for the idea.




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