Friday, September 10, 2010

You just have to love Alice...

Alice is the only sheep that I have left out of my original "foundation flock" of Shetland sheep.  She's ten years old now and still going strong.  Those of you who read this blog know that Alice successfully raised triplet lambs (again) this Spring.  

Alice is a "double coated" Shetland.
That means that she has a shorter, finer undercoat and a longer, coarser, outer coat.  The difference between the two coats is not great and I don't separate them for spinning.  I love the soft, bouncy yarn that I spin from Alice's wool.

Alice is pretty familiar with the routine of having her photo taken.

As you can see, she's got posing down to a science!

I especially love how she makes her ears droop!

I wonder if it's hereditary?

Alice still has most of her teeth.

Oh, darn! 
Now I've embarrassed her...

DREAM says...

"I can make MY ears droop!
Sort of..."

You're perfect, Dreamer.
Absolutely perfect!

(Hug A Sheep!)

I  HAS...
(Hugged a Sheep)

HAS ewe???


  1. I can just about feel Alice's fleece through the computer screen! I love her....and of course Dream tooooo!

  2. Love your sheep. :)

    Have a great weekend! :)

  3. Yes ALice and Dreamer are my favorites of your flock. I think I already told you but my new lamb "Sky" is an Alice great-grand daughter. I hope she matures to be just as wonderful! Have a great weekend Nancy!

  4. she does always take take funniest pictures

  5. I really love pictures of sheep but I never would have thought that sheep were so photogenic--And you have shown me that they really are! :-)

  6. Oh, Kim! I hope that you realize that these are actually terrible pictures of Alice! Sometimes it's fun to post the not-so-good ones ~ just for giggles. Thank you for the compliment though and I'm so glad that you and your husband enjoy my blog!

  7. Alice, Dream and the rest of your flock are so lucky to have you for a shepherdess! What a good life!



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