Friday, April 10, 2009

Burn, Baby BURN....

Not much excitement here in the Bluff Country. Which, now that I think about it, is just the way I LIKE it!! I've been burning the ditches so that I can use them for grazing this year. There will be NO wasted land at my place! This is my weekend to work so I've been trying to get as much done, in the mornings before getting ready for work, as I can. My Blisters have blisters!

I hope to finish burning the ditches and start putting up fences (I just use the step in posts ~ it's the only thing I can manage on my own!) today. I want to get my pastures subdivided so I can rotationally graze and give some of the more over grazed areas a rest.

I'm also working on an album with pictures of Kat Nap ~ Dream's beautiful, horned daughter. I should have that done and posted this weekend.

IF I have time today, I want to check into refinancing my home. I'm paying 6.8% interest and think I could reduce my house payment quite a bit if I refinance now...

Oh yeah.... I've got to start cleaning the barns too. AND burning the dried out, wasted hay, blowing around the pastures and paddocks. Plus, I bought a little, portable "greenhouse" that I want to put together and put my little starter pots of Impatience and Pumpkins that are sitting all over my kitchen counters in. (Was that a sentence?)? And, I bought a very pretty WIND CHIME that I'm going to hang out on the new barn! I'll take pictures of that!

Have a nice weekend everyone!!

DREAM says...
"Mom is SO excited about the grass finally starting to turn green. This is me when I was just a couple of weeks old. How cute am I?????

Happy Easter!"


  1. You've worn me out, and yet I haven't done anything today so far!

    I enjoy Dream's "baby photos". She's so beautiful!

    Nancy in Atlanta

  2. I want to get a portable greenhouse, but it is so damn windy here, I'd lose it is a day! Logan's trampoline flew across the yard the other day.

  3. Good job Nancy! Spring is sprung and with all that work that needs to be done RIGHT NOW. I admire you for even using your ditches for pasture! :-) That is pretty innovative. The weather here has been pretty crummy except for about two days of perfect. I'm hoping once this grey drippy system goes through we'll get some lovely warm spring weather.
    Take care!

  4. What are you using to burn the weeds? We need to do some burning also. However, there is a burning ban in our county right now.

  5. I agree with you; no excitement (at least as defined by most) is just the way I like it! Lambs playing, fiber spinning, stitches forming, flowers blooming - THAT'S my kind of excitement. :-)

  6. My daughter and Grandsons just left. They worked their BUTTS off!! How many people do you know who stop and buy work gloves on their way out to visit you?


    Terri ~ the weeds and tall grass pretty much burn by themselves. I don't use any accelerant. I wet everything down, around the area I'm going to burn and rake it before lighting the fire. I'm a pretty careful burner!

    Now, I'm heading out to work on that portable greenhouse.....

    What a WONDERFUL day!!

  7. Terry9:30 PM


    You're becoming quite the gardener! The lettuce I started inside is now doing well in my cold frame. Russ thought I put it out too early, but, so far, so good. It's growing!

    It was very wise of you not to get Alpacas. My sense is they are a lot of work. I need to write to our Alpaca Angel one of these days--problem is, I don't have room for any more fleeces right now and shearing time is just around the corner...I am spinning because yarn takes less room than roving, thereby trying to reclaim some space. Russ and I bought a new air cleaner/vacumn cleaner to day and I really threw myself into spring cleaning! Sue called today and now has two baby Southdown fleeces to process. So, we're going to play with that someday.

    My goodness, Dream's whites are white in her lamb photo!

  8. Good gosh woman you have had a burst of positive energy going there. I can't play with matches. We have a propane weed burner and my husband is afraid to let me use it. Not without good reason either. You are truly amazing and an inspiration to us all. Blessings!



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