Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Sheep/Happy Shepherdess...

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I did it!

I got the ditches fenced in. Now my sheep all have grass to graze.

I know it doesn't look like much in these photos but there really is plenty there and I'll be able to stop feeding hay ~ with about 8 bales left for the bred ewes! That was cutting it close. These darn, slow, cool Springs slow the grass growth down and I've got too many sheep ~ not a good combination!

This is the girls' ditch.

This is the view from the bottom of my driveway!
I won't have to mow much at all this year!

Most important of all ~ my sheep will be happy! THAT makes me a happy shepherd...

DREAM says...

"I'm happy but I think the boys would be a lot happier if you let them over on our side of the driveway!"

You could be right about that, Dreamer. I'm afraid the boys will just have to be happy with what they've got!


  1. oh Nancy I wish I had green grass like you! I want to live in bluff country too!!

  2. Congrats on the fencing job! The grass IS coming in slowly this year!

  3. I understand! This is the first year in 25 that I finally have some grazing land for the sheep. It's been hay for the sheep full time and I love the idea of not opening bails of hay for a while at least!

  4. I'm wondering what sort of fencing you are using. It looks like it would be pretty easy to install.

  5. Nice for the sheep! We have too much pasture right now for the number of animals we have.

  6. I should do this, my mother in law is notorious for backing out of our driveway and tearing up our lawn. One good zap oughta teach her!!! I love the ewes and rams gazing dreamily at each other. One other thing, could you possibly blog on the massive cow skull in the background. My interest is definately piqued.

  7. I HAVE to get some of that electronet fencing!

  8. I love your sign! Did you paint it yourself?

    I played queen of the electric fence yesterday too :-).

  9. Good job! I love all the colors of your sheep.

    Nancy in Atlanta

  10. You are a terrific shepherd -- and I love your sign!

  11. Congrats, that's a lot of work!!! I so wish I'd beed able to help you, now that its getting nice again, I miss outside work, it looks great though. See you tomorrow!!!

  12. What happy sheep! Nice job with the fencing; and I want a nice sign like yours for my flock :o) It looks so smart. Your flock is beautiful and they all look so well xx

  13. Nancy, Where did you get your wonderful Bluff Country sign? Did you do the artwork?
    It's frosting on the Bluff Country Cake! :)



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