Sunday, April 12, 2009

GOOD Friday...

This post is a couple of days late. That's because I was too tired and SORE to post anything on Friday night and yesterday!

My Princess (Pam) brought her three, handsome Princes (Josh, Matt & Nick ~ my Grandsons) out to spend a day visiting and helping Grandma. I must admit, I was a bit concerned about how hardy my boys would be ~ they were all complaining about how COLD it is in my house! (I do keep my thermostat at 50 all winter and have actually shut it off now) Each of the boys was wrapped in one of my shawls (over their jackets or sweatshirts) as we ate lunch.

But I've got to tell you, those boys can WORK!!! They jumped right into picking up walnuts out of the backyard. I've got TONS of walnuts! They are a health risk when I'm walking around the yard!!

Pam and Nick carried water buckets while Matt helped me feed the sheep.
The sheep were terrified at the sight of a 'stranger' bringing them food...


Somehow, they managed to overcome their fear and gobbled up the hay that Matt put out for them.

Matt & I raked up two big piles of hay in the bred ewes paddock and burned them.

I bought a beautiful wind chime a couple of weeks ago and finally got that hung up on the new barn.
The sound is SO beautiful!!
I put together my 'mini' Greenhouse!
That's a 50 pound bag of barn lime, on the bottom shelf, to keep it from blowing away in the wind.

All in all, a GOOD day's work! And I had SUCH a wonderful time with my daughter and my Grandsons. We got SO much work done. I still can't believe that Josh got all the walnuts picked up out of the yard. That is the worst job!! Bella says: "Thank you, Josh!!"
DREAM says...

"Thank you PAM, Josh, Matt and Nick for all the hard work you did! It was a BIG help for Mom and she even had time to sit and snuggle with me and the girls for a while!"

This post took me way too long to put together. I'd better get my butt in gear or I'll be late for work! Happy Easter Everyone!!!


  1. Happy Easter. Wonderful crew you have to help around the farm!
    I'm with the boys 50 degress is too cold for the house and belongs outside only! You got them so cold they wanted to get to work and warm up!

  2. Happy Easter! And that's a happy soreness, I'm sure, from hard work well done on your own farm. What a great trio of grandsons you have!

    Nancy in Atlanta

  3. Doesn't look like it was too cold outside, with everyone in shirtsleeves! What a gift of love to have your family come out and WORK with you!

  4. The terror in the sheep is more likely that the stranger might eat their hay before they get there!

    What a nice family day!

  5. How nice to have the help and the company! The sheep do look terrified. Funny how food overcomes any fear.

  6. That was a great post! I'm glad you took the time.

    How wonderful to have such a loving and HELPFUL family.

    I chuckled at the pic with the boys and their additional attire trying to stay warm. (We are the same way trying to keep heating costs down).

    I LOVE windchimes...I have them hanging all around my house and barn. When a breeze gets them going I have to pause and just stand and listen to them. Your set is beautiful!

    Have a Happy Easter, Nancy!

  7. Happy Easter! Looks like you had a well earned lovely day :o)

    I just love seeing your latest photos of the flock, they're such a colourful bunch! I'm very pleased that my first lambs have patterns. When are yours due?

  8. Happy Easter Nancy!

    I too love wind chimes. Have them scattered about the farm.

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful family!

  9. Happy Easter,big Sis!
    I'm with MIM, I think that's a pretty good strategy...make it so cold inside that the boys WANT to go outside and work to stay warm ;).

  10. Can I borrow those boys? Do they work for food? That's just awesome how everyone pitched in to help. You are truly blessed!

  11. Wow, what a tremendously productive day! That's fabulous. I always love the feeling of getting so much done! I also liked your previous post with the prairie burning. I heard on the radio this morning that Iowa's Senator Grassley got burned this weekend because he was burning prairie and his pant leg caught on fire! Ouch! Always good to stay at a respectful distance!

  12. Pam takes great pictures, just like her mom! It is wonderful her and the boys could come out to help. I love that little green house, where did you get it?

  13. 50 in the house? OMG I would freeze. lol! Looks like the boys had fun!

  14. Terry9:17 PM

    Happy Easter, what a great family you have!



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