Thursday, April 02, 2009

For Eileen....
The Eighth Annual ALICE WATCH...

OK. I admit it. This year probably doesn't really count. But ever since I got my Shetland sheep (in 2001), we've had an "Annual Alice Watch" ~ mainly because I was always worried sick about her at lambing time.

This year probably doesn't count because this year, for the first time since she was a yearling, Alice is not bred.

Alice has given me twins or triplets every year since I got her from John and Jane Eager of "Highland Hollow" Shetlands, in Wisconsin, in 2001. I decided to give my beautiful friend a year off after she had triplets two out of three years in a row!

So this year Alice will not have babies. However, she will have GRANDBABIES! I have bred Alice's beautiful, Emsket daughter, "Bluff Coutnry Destiny". Destiny is sired by a black & white, HST ram (Windswept Bravo) and is bred to a mioget & white, HST ram (Kimberwood Hunter) so I am praying for an HST granddaughter that I would keep forever!

So, even though I won't be fretting and worrying over Alice's impending delivery this year, you're more than welcome to join us for the "Alice ~ GRANDMA Watch"!!


DREAM says...

"Hey! You can watch ME not have babies too! Mom's got a three day weekend so she'll be doing lots of rooing ~ stay tuned for lots of photos...."


  1. Alice is such a photogenic sheep, and looks like she has personality plus and lovely babies, too. What more can you ask from a sheep?
    The annual Alice watch has given me lots of grins and a few nibbled nails :-)
    - Franna

  2. I could kick back and watch Alice for days, I just love that buff color. Beautiful eyes.

  3. I have to admit, it seems strange (and somehow "sad") not to be having an Alice watch this year. I already can't wait until NEXT year to see what she gives me....


    That being said, I can't wait to see what I get from Destiny (Alice's daughter) and Bella Luna (Zest's daughter) as both carry HST and are bred to an HST (Hunter). I'm getting excited!

  4. Terry7:04 PM

    I must add that according to Godiva's pedigree, Alice as Mother of Godiva's Grandpa Skittles is Godiva's GREAT GRANDMA, so this is also a GREAT, GREAT GRANDMA watch, since Godiva is expecting as well! Way to go, Alice!!! Not too many human Great Great Grandma's around who would even consider having babies if they were able--Alice deserves a year of rest!!!!!!

  5. Oh Nancy I went to the post office today and got your calendar! thank you so much! It's beautiful and I can see all my "friends" are in there. What a treat. Yeah...I finally have a 2009 calendar. Thank you so much for thinking of me. Now I don't have any excuse for not knowing what day it is.

  6. When I first saw the headline on your blog, I thought, 'uh oh' Alice took things into her own hooves! I kept quite a few out of the breeding group this year and it does seem odd that some of my old gals are not going to have babies this year--although I think a couple managed to pull it off after the big ram break out. argh. (and Alice IS worth watching for her beauty alone any year!)



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