Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It is SO Dreary....

I have every light in the house turned on.
Thank God (and my BBG!) for my "Happy Light"!
I am really needing some Sunshine!!

So, I went out to the barn and took some pictures...
Right now, the brightest, most colorful thing at my place is
Isn't he awesome?

Since Katie recently sent me a "board payment" for her Rooster (Thank you, Sweetie!), I thought she might enjoy a few updated photos of her beautiful boy.
Now, I know that these next couple of pictures are out of focus, but I SO want to show Katie a picture of Lucca CROWING...

and these are the best I could get!

DREAM says...
Ya gotta look closely but she IS back there....


  1. Terry7:59 PM

    Lucca is splendid!!! What rich colors...and who's the ewe on the left in the last photo with the cute little horns??

  2. Gosh he sure is a pretty boy. What kind of bird is he?? Besides a chicken:-)

  3. Hi :)
    Just thought I should say after months of lurking and reading your blog that I love it! It's quite often the highlight of my day to see your beautiful sheep pictures and sheep stories, I'm also a sheep fanatic-I live in Australia (if not Bling would be welcome to come live with me!) and I also own several much beloved sheep, I also have a blog: http://blackthornsheepdairy.blogspot.com/
    I've posted a link to your blog on there (hope that’s okay!) and I'd be thrilled if you'd come and visit sometime........my pics aren't as nice as yours I'm afraid! Stella and Bella say hello to Dream :)

  4. Lucca really is gorgeous - such vibrant colors! Mmmmm, is he any relation to Luca Brasi from The Godfather?!! Little bit mobster, or is he a sweetie?

    I love your sheeps' faces.

    Nancy in Atlanta

  5. If we don't get some warm sunshine soon, I'm gonna have a menatl meltdown.

    You don't mention what kind of chicken Lucca is. Yes, he is gorgeous.

  6. thank you!! I like the crowing ones, even though they're blurry, it just shows what a motivated little crower he is ;) I must say though, even with as pretty as your blog pics were, I still kept being distracted by the slideshows on the side, it's a good thing though, they're gorgeous and look so professional. At least your site isn't dull and dreary!

  7. he is beautiful, and sure likes to have his picture taken, doesn't he? He's a looker!

  8. Actually, Lucca (named after Katie's favorite city in Italy) is quite timid. No gangster there. I like my Roosters to keep there distance from me ~ just like my rams.

    I'm really not sure what his mixed breeding is. I thought he was Modonna's chick (she's pure Silkie) but I suspect ~ now that I've seen him mature ~ that he's actually Ann Margaret's. Annie is 1/2 Silkie. Lucca's Daddy is 1/2 Silkie so whatever percentage that makes him, I'll let the more math-savvy among you decipher.

    If we ever get any more eggs, I may just let Madonna sit on another one or two...



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