Sunday, March 08, 2009

TAX Day...

It's about as grey and dreary as a day can be, here in the Bluff Country. Although, looking at BLUFF COUNTRY BLING ~ it's hard to see anything but BEAUTY!
However, it IS grey and dreary outside ~ therefor a perfect day to work on my taxes.

I have scented candles burning in every room and all of my electric candles lit. Aren't my birthday flowers doing well???

The big potted plant, in the middle, is a 'tree geranium' that I wintered over from last year. It seems to be doing well!

As is this beautiful potted menagerie of daffodils & two other flowers that I don't even know the names of!

Potted flowers sure do brighten up my office on a gloomy day.

OK. back to taxes. I'm actually "doing" them on-line but my kitchen table and cupboards are covered with piles of papers that I'm going through to add up and get the figures to plug into the forms. Did I ever mention that I HATE paperwork???? I must admit, it's kind of fun doing it on-line though. If only I didn't still have to go through all the piles of papers...

BELLAMICA says....

..."I'm thinking it's a GREAT day to stay in BED!"

I may just be joining you later this afternoon my Beautiful Bella...


  1. Maybe you should bring Bling or Angel in the house while you do taxes - you can look at them whenever you need a beauty break!!!

    Nancy in Atlanta

  2. The flowers do tend to cheer me up, too. Thank heaven it is March, or I might just go to bed for a week. I gave the dogs each a bone, and I am going to read my book. Then maybe I will do something constructive.

  3. Last February my bookkeeper asked me if I was keeping track of my ranch expenses. Well..kind of...they were in a pile and that pile is now huge. I never did the spreadsheet and she's gonna whoop on me.

    The flowers are so pretty! Bella looks so comfy.

  4. Thanks Nancy K for beautiful flowers and the pets.WIsh you n all the Mom's around the world a joyful Mother's day:)

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