Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Beautiful Bellmica...

I am never alone. Whether I'm in the house or outside with my sheep, my beautiful Bellamica is always at my side (or nearby anyway!).

She loves 'helping me' feed the sheep and enjoys spending time out in the pasture with the flock.

The sheep all know and trust her and are quite used to having Bella in their midst. Some of them (Zaria in particular) even seem to be quite fond of her!
Bella never chases the sheep (without permission, anyway!) but some of them like to chase her. Godiva, Bella Luna and Destiny take great pride in stomping their feet and chasing "poor" Bellamica.

Here, Bella offers Destiny a peace offering...
Even when she's sitting by me for attention, Bella keeps a watchful eye on the ewes. This is the look she gets when someone is about to come after her....
All in all, Bellamica (a purebred English Shepherd) has become an irreplaceable member of the Bluff Country Family!

BELLA says...

"I love you too, Mom!"


  1. She is absolutely beautiful Nancy ~ it's wonderful she's become such a companion for you. They are truly awesome dogs.
    Our ES, Dan, has very similar markings as Bellamica. We are so pleased with the breed and love him so much we are getting another.
    Your photos would look beautiful on your Shetland calendar. Couldn't you sneak her in somewhere :)

  2. Actually, I think one of my favorite photos (Bellamica standing by the ewes at the fence in the winter time) IS in the 2009 Calendar. Or maybe it's the 08???

    I couldn't be happier with the breed. She's absolutely perfect for a woman living alone and who is gone a lot (working). She's incredibly well behaved!

  3. Hey Nancy, she is beautiful!

  4. I have never heard of that breed but ummmm.....maybe someday. Bella is just gorgeous and I love the peace offering. That was so sweet. What a wonderful friend you have in Bella.

  5. Oh great article. Lovely Bella dog.

  6. Sneaky pictures, she actually looks MELLOW! ;) She does look beautiful though, all the pictures are excellent! Is she wearing one of her new bells or still the broken one? It shows up really well in the pictures! Have you tried any on the sheepies yet? :)

  7. She's beautiful! What a sweet face...

    Nancy in Atlanta

  8. This dog is so pretty, how do you stand it?

  9. Your sheep and doggies are sooooo beautiful!!! I'm sure you really enjoy all your animals!



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