Thursday, March 19, 2009

Playing with my PREGGERS Girls...

*As always, click on any photo to enlarge *

I like to spend LOTS of time with my bred ewes as lambing time approaches. I want them very friendly and comfortable with me close by and handling them. Two of my girls who have remained somewhat reserved, right up 'till the past few days are
(Flash Flood X Paco)
(Alice X Windswept Bravo)
After many hours and days of sitting and petting and scratching and Animal Crackers, Godiva & Destiny have finally decided that they like and trust me.

In fact, yesterday, I managed to get ALL of the burdock out of Godiva's fleece
and quite a bit out of Destiny.
(She's still not 100% sure that I should be able to pull on her fleece)
But she LOVES me!

EXERCISE is very important for bred ewes and my lovely Bellamica enjoys helping out in that department...
v I LOVE this picture! v
ZODIAK finds a cool spot to enjoy the show...
DREAM says...

"Those girls are getting rather FAT, Mom..."

That they are, Dreamer. That they are!



  1. great shots, I love that Godiva, the name too.

  2. The girls are looking good! We don't worry about that "kind" of fat.

  3. Such wonderful pictures! They're not fat, they're just fluffy! :-)

  4. They look fantastic! Great photos.

  5. You certainly have made progress on cleaning up those fleeces. I've been doing the same thing...picking straw out of fleeces. They love it...I know they are so itchy and uncomfortable and will be so happy to see the shearer.


  6. Great pictures, is that snow ? :-)

  7. Hey Nancy, that looks like a great way to spend some time relaxing!

  8. They are beautiful animals! I love how they let you hold their faces. Until I started reading my now-favorite farm blogs, I thought sheep were just a bunch of fuzzy animals on a farm. I never had a clue that they could become so much a part of your family.

    Nancy in Atlanta

  9. You're right, Karen ~ it IS a wonderful way to relax! my cares just seem to float away when I sit with my girls.

    Nancy ~ it takes a lot of time and attention to get sheep to where they trust you enough to let you hold their faces and hug them. But, it is time VERY well spent! Dream actually likes it when I HUG her. I just wrap my arms around her neck and squeeze and she just leans in as close as she can get....


  10. Terry9:00 PM

    Hi Nancy,

    You are such a good, devoted shepherdess! They are all looking so great and WOW getting Godiva and Destiny to warm up is quite an accomplishment! I bought "horse treats" (Home-made of grain, molasses, look like brown meatballs with oats in them , etc. from 4-H kids up north yesterday--brought 4 of them back for Godiva and the girls-hopefully she'll take one from me, but of course, that must be EARNED first. We are "in town" for about a month of weekends now and I want to come out, help + spend time when your schedule allows. We pulled a bunch of old fence out this weekend on our farm. Now comes the hard part--how to configure the "replacement" fencing...BTW, your friend Jonna has good taste... :>)




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