Friday, March 27, 2009

No Longer in Her Mother's Shadow...


Born one of a set of triplets,
Destiny was quietly kept away from the other lambs and from ME (the shepherdess!) pretty much all of the time until I separated her from her dam so that I could put her in a breeding group this year.

Alice is pretty good about that ~ keeping her ewe lambs away from me so I can't make friends with them!

Destiny is two years old now and finally decided that I can be trusted!

She has found her niche in the flock and is maturing into a stunning ewe.

Destiny is sired by Windswept Bravo (black & white, HST) and I can't WAIT to see what she gives me for lambs next month....
Destiny is emsket and Hunter is also "modified"/HST, so I'm hoping for modified, HST lambs from Alice's beautiful daughter...


  1. What beautiful fleeces!!! They look so ready for a hair cut!!! Just gorgeous.

  2. Nancy, I REALLY think you should do a trip West. I bet you could sell enough of your sheep to make a killing and have your trip paid for too. I honestly would buy a buyer! Haul some for other folks too, bring some back and make some more profit/travel money. Maybe go to Lois' you KNOW you would LOVE that visit!! (Have I convinced you yet?):)



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