Monday, March 09, 2009

HAPPY Dance....

I DID it!

I did it ~

I did it ~

I DID IT!!!!

It's DONE!

I finished my taxes!




DREAM says...

"I'm a VERY good dancer!"


  1. YAHOO!!!!!!! It is a good feeling, but if you were rich, you wouldn't have to worry about it. Until................

    Throw in a few "happy dance" steps for me.

  2. Absolutely fantastic! Oh - you thought I meant that you finished your taxes? I'm talking about the delightful photos!!!

    Nancy in Atlanta

  3. Congrats, fabulous photos. I love the one of Bling too.

  4. hahaha, I'm very proud of you! And the way you found all those pics that look like dancing is AWESOME! You should make a dancing calendar too :)

  5. Way to go!!! Mine are getting done next weekend, but they are easy because we are not counting farm stuff yet. Maybe next year. Right now I just sell a few eggs.

    I loved the post with the pedicure shot - what is that chair/sling thing that she is laying in? I would like to consider getting one!

  6. I really should respond about my "sheep chair". I know that Kristi asked about it on an earlier post...

    I bought mine at "Midwest Wool Growers" (cheaper than Premier) about 5 years ago. This past year is the first I've really used it. My 'Ex' and I tried it once the first year but found it just as easy to just 'tip' the sheep. I do find, that if I'm doing it alone, it is KIND OF a help. It's still a WHOLE lot better if you have someone to help you! I can pretty easily lift the lambs and almost-yearlings into the chair. Although, actually trimming the hooves is back-breaking! The adults are another story. Once I hold their heads, with my face close to theirs, and calm them, they generally sit pretty well. For the front feet anyway. The back feet can be kind of tricky. I'm just always so glad to get one done!

    It seems like I'm almost always glad when I get something done.

    I guess, all-in-all, I would say it is a helpful tool to have. I just wish that it actually made the task "EASY"...


  7. that photo of the lamb kissing you is priceless, just awesome photo's Nancy, as always.

  8. Anonymous5:33 PM

    Love the photo of you and the lamb licking your face :-)
    Diane L./Bloomington,IN



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