Friday, March 06, 2009

My "Day Off"...

I LOVE this ewe lamb

But the mess in her fleece only got worse as winter wore on. Unfortunately, I bought 200 bales of hay, last summer, that were apparently full of burdock! GRRRrrr

I knew it was supposed to be a gorgeous day today so I planned on picking burdock out of fleeces and trimming feet on a few of the girls...

First I had to get everything ready. One bucket for putting the burdocks in. One for any fleece that I plucked off and wanted to keep. A scissor, foot trimmer, and hand shears. My camera, a dog brush and comb, halters, the sheep "chair" and a stool for me to sit on. And, of course, COOKIES.

BLUFF COUNTRY ANGEL volunteered to go first...
It took me a close to an hour to get all the burrs picked out. I had to use the dog brush on some areas where the burrs just split into little slivers that I couldn't pick out of the ends of her fleece. Angel was SO good!

Her "reward" (in addition to about a pound of cookies!) was a pedicure!

Somehow, Angel didn't really seem to appreciate the pedicure all that much.


I managed to get FIVE ewes done today! I had only planned on doing three. I figured that would be enough to wear me out. But Sera and Rosie were hanging around so I figured I may as well do them while they were right there anyway.

Here Rosie....

Tomorrow it's supposed to rain. I guess I'll work on my taxes...



  1. I have often thought of buying one of those sheep chairs from Premier but always wondered how well people liked them....any advice? Looks like you were productive!!!

  2. LMAO Nancy! You crack me up! Sunshine = sheep picking, Rain = taxes. THAT WAS NOT what I was thinking and you got me completely off guard! LOL

    These sunny days DO make a person feel good don't they?

  3. I spotted the Miracle Grow I know how come you grow the prettiest sheep! The secret's out Nancy.

  4. SSSSSSSHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


  5. Great makeover! Those girls look great.

  6. oh my goodness Nancy, the before and after is unbelievable. Good job.

  7. Nancy,

    Wow, you really got a lot done and they look wonderful! Wish I could've been there, but at least at work I got to do inventory this afternoon--it was due anyway and it got me outside to the storage garages--it was HARD to sit inside at a desk in this nice weather. Tomorrow I clean house and babysit grandkids. I heard we might get snow Sunday but I'll wait and see. Are the hoofs you are trimming same ones we did last fall--some look like the same. How are they looking?


  8. Angel is beautiful! You had a lot of work to do on her - great job! I have no idea how much work is involved in cleaning stuff out of fleece or trimming hooves (I can't even cut my cat's nails!), but I think I'd much rather do that than taxes...


  9. Your sheep are all so beautiful Nancy. I love pedicures too :)



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