Monday, March 23, 2009

Boring Post....

Nothing new or exciting happening in the Bluff Country.

Although, I did make some new friends this weekend! A couple of gals from my area came over to meet me and my flock and to spin. They even bought a bunch of fleece and some roving and yarn! Best of all, I've got two, new friends who love sheep and LIVE NEAR BY!! The one gal ~ "Lynn" also raises sheep and I can't wait to go visit her flock. She's got several different breeds and is also breeding up Gotlands! I'll be visiting her farm soon...

In the meantime. I burned the ditch that was so full of weeds, yesterday. Got it done before the winds kicked up and it's supposed to rain for the next few days so I'm very glad that I got that done. I'll be fencing it in to use for pasture this year.
Zaria so loves to have her neck scratched! When I scratch her withers, she returns the favor by scratching my arm with her teeth! I wanted to show my new friends her beautiful fleece, but the little shit wouldn't let me catch her when strangers were here! GRRRR!
Here's another close up of her fleece. Lynn & Jean were very impressed by the fleece on my flock and I wanted to let them feel Zaria's because it is the softest and silkiest. Lynn and Jean had to settle for looking at pictures. And I was so miffed at Zaria that I assured them that they weren't missing anything ~ "she has fleece like steel wool" anyway! (NOT!!)

Reading other blogs this morning, reminds me that Hunter is starting to lose fleece and I want to get out there an try rooing him! If it's not raining and I can manage to do it myself, I'll post some pictures tomorrow...

DREAM says...
"Have a HAPPY day!"


  1. That first shot goes perfectly with your title; I've never seen a more bored-looking sheep. But I don't think it's boring when you make two new friends AND sell a bunch of stuff -- woo hoo!

  2. Not a boring post. What wonderful fleece and new friends that spin and love sheep? How wonderful!

  3. Yes great looking fleece and Sheep :-)

  4. That's a fine looking fleece!

  5. Terry8:23 PM

    I agree, Nancy. Before I even read this, I felt Zaria's yarn that I spun on your Roberta last night. It DOES feel silkier than all the rest (although, as a totally UNBIASED estimate, Godiva's is pretty close... ;>)


  6. Terry8:25 PM

    To clarify, I didn't spin it last night, I felt the yarn last night...

  7. Yes, very nice looking fleece on that girl! Do you ever send fleece samples in for micron testing?

  8. Boring??? Sounds exciting to me!

  9. Doesn't sound boring to me! The fleece pictures are so interesting to me. I love your blog and the beautiful pictures on it. The only problem is every time I visit it makes me want to add sheep to the farm! Of course that is not a problem for me, but convincing my husband....he thinks the goats is quite enough thank you. Guess I will have to get my sheep fix through your blog for now!

  10. Non-sheep owners are welcome to vicariously 'adopt' my flock at any time! We love your visits.

    Thanks for the compliments on Zaria's fleece!

    I don't send in for micron testing. I've thought about it, but really don't care about the numbers. I go strictly by the handle of the fleece. One of my finest coated Shetlands (Zorro), clearly had a much harsher handle than some of the 'coarser' fleeces so I go by handle. That being said, I do breed for finer fleeces. I just do it strictly by eye and hand ~ rather than by lab tests. Not that I am opposed to others sending in fleece samples! In fact, I'm waiting for someone to come up with a super-fine HST ram (if I don't breed him myself!) for me to add to my flock. Like I said, I'm always working on improving fleeces. The one thing I do NOT want ~ no matter HOW fine ~ is a two inch long staple length. I like my fleeces four to six inches long and have no desire to breed anything shorter than that. I just don't like working with those short, super-fine, super crimpy fleeces. I find them a pain to card and even worse to spin. Give me a nice, long, soft, gently crimped Shetland fleece any day....


    That's one of the wonders of this breed ~ the diversity in colors, horns, sizes and fleece types. There's something for everyone with Shetlands!

  11. Beautiful! You make me want to go find a sheep to fondle. Well, you know what I mean...I hope! Zaria looks so content, like a dog or cat getting scratched and petted. Nice that she gives some back to you!

    Nancy in Atlanta

  12. Anonymous7:08 PM

    LOL, I use that term "little shit", too, Nancy. I have some cats that are called that from time to time.

    Diane L./Bloomington,IN.



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