Wednesday, April 08, 2009

WHAT was I Thinking???

This picture was taken one year ago, today.
April 8, 2008.

I loved those Angora goats.

But they were too much work for this already-spread-to-thin Shepherdess. Thank you Michelle, Becky and Melanie for pointing out the obvious to me.

I don't need any more animals! I can't afford any more animals. Just the thought of trimming those toes (or teeth!!) or tying them down to shear, or giving monthly shots to is enough to give me nightmares. So, I'll not be getting any Alpacas. I think I'll buy Triomphe's fleece though....(he's the white one, from Colorado).

Thank you for the reality check.

(photo taken 1 year ago)

"Yes, THANK YOU ladies! For reminding Mom how much she loves the life she has right now ~ with US!!"

"Boy! We dodged a bullet THAT time!"


  1. Yay Nancy! Play with the alpaca FLEECE, have time and money for your ANIMALS; win/win. :-)

  2. Oh it's so much easier and cheaper to buy some of that lovely alpaca fleece isn't it.

    Dreamer you just absolutely crack me up girlfriend!

  3. But just one can't be all that bad.....just one little guy. An altered male I hear has some of the nicest fleeces:) Okay, I'll be quiet now:)

  4. Do NOT listen to Kristi! She is an enabler, that one! (She also has family around, and a FWB, and you don't!) Stay strong.... :-)

  5. yes, if you are a one-woman operation be careful how many more you take in. The animals you have now appear soooo healthy and well-cared for.

  6. (I'm not going to help - much)
    Alpacas are very efficient at feed conversion, and don't need separate care from the sheep.

    They aren't as easy to shear and foot trim (unless you have a very well trained and socialized one like we do - he will stand still for shearing, worming and foot trims), and DON'T get a gelding if they'll be with ewes. Just DON'T!

    It is MUCH easier to get alpaca fleece to play with, than to raise your own!

    There... was that help or not?
    - Franna

  7. We have sheep and llamas. It DOES make it more work and I would not recommend doing it alone. It would be much easier to buy some fiber to play with! As a side note, we have had our llama gelding with our ewes for two years now without any problems. Our sheep and llamas share the same barnyard.

  8. I know exactly what you were thinking........happens to me all the time!

  9. No advice here - I just live to look at photos of Dreamer and her buddies!!!

    Nancy in Atlanta

  10. Besides, you are so good at sheep, why mess with success?

  11. I know what you mean, Nancy. I did not succumb, either to the call of the alpaca. Pretty tough after seeing all of them last weekend at the show.



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