Sunday, April 05, 2009

We Were Supposed to Get a Blizzard...

But it missed us.

If we don't get some sunsine and GREEN soon, I may not be responsible for what I do...

Why, I got so stir crazy on Saturday that I went to an ALPACA show! (it was Karen B's fault)

Oh my! These are really sweet, beautiful creatures...

Their fleece is inredible! Super soft. Fine. Crimpy. It would be lovely blended with Shetland....

They have the most huggable necks!

This guy lives in Colorado. But he REALLY wants to come live in the Bluff Country.....

DREAM says...

"Those are the strangest sheep I have EVER seen! Pray for sunshine and green grass..."


  1. You know you can get a gelded alpaca for a good price at an auction? Not that I am suggesting anything:) Sounds like you had a lot of fun!!

  2. Alpaca fiber blends really well with Shetland, and they get along well. Just don't put any geldings in with the ewes. Even unbred geldings can get "ideas" and hurt the ewes. Not cool.
    - Franna

  3. Yeah, i think my mom paid like $200 each for both our boys, but normal prices are usually around $300-1000 for gelded boys. Girls are still $2000+ *sigh* They're so awesome!

  4. They are beautiful creatures - I'm glad you went for your own sake, but also so you could take pictures for us!

    Nancy in Atlanta

  5. Hey Nancy-glad you went to the show. I went on Sunday, and oohed over the Huacayas. Stunning. I came home with some souvenirs, but no alpacas. It's definitely intriguing.

  6. I used to think alpacas were the ultimate cute animal, but after having one for a week, I'll let others raise them and just buy a little fiber now and then. I'm glad you had a good time though Nancy, and yes, we need sunshine and warm temps to save our sanity. :-)

  7. Yes, Dreamer, they are strange looking sheep.



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