Thursday, December 01, 2011

Buy American!

How cute is THIS???

Fellow Shepherdess and Potter Extraordinaire, Tonya, has a whole bunch of beautiful pottery that she makes herself and would make excellent, unique, American made Christmas Gifts!  I bought a yarn bowl (which I LOVE) from her in the past and I just ordered two of these adorable sheep ornaments.  She has all sorts of mugs & vases & plates, etc.  With or without sheep designs!

I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't want the sheep design!

Although Tonya does do custom orders.  Perhaps I'll have her make me a DOG...


P.S.  THANK YOU  to those wonderful people who have donated to my "help me help the dogs" fundraiser!  We're a third of the way to our goal.  Only nineteen more days for this fundraiser!  You can help give a homeless dog a Merry Christmas by making a donation.  See my sidebar for how to donate.

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