Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I apologize for the NEGLECT!

I realize that I have not been very consistent at posting on here as of late.  Truth be told, I had NO idea how incredibly time consuming setting up and running a canine rescue would be!  I did have some idea of how rewarding it would be and I was definitely right about that!

Here's a little video that may give you some idea of how adopting a shelter or rescue dog can change the world for that animal...

If you watched that without getting a tear in your eye
you're a lot tougher than I!
Wouldn't it be wonderful to make a homeless dog's dream come true?
Consider adopting a dog before the year is over.  You'll start the New Year with more love than you can imagine!

Did you happen to notice the "Chipin" gadget in the sidebar?
I am SO grateful to everyone that's made a donation to help me help homeless dogs!  There are only seven more days left of this fundraiser so if you've been thinking that it might be a worthwhile cause, maybe now is the time for you to pitch in.  I realize that not everyone wants ~ or is in a position to have ~ a pet.  Perhaps adoption isn't an option for you.  You can still make a difference!  You can be instrumental in making a lonely dog's dreams come true.  Your donation to Bluff Country Canine Rescue helps me to rescue a dog that is scheduled to be euthanized, and give it a second chance at a life where it can experience kindness and love.  A life where it can do what dogs do best:  shower someone with unconditional love and affection and devotion that isn't found anywhere else but in the heart of a dog.

I hear you.
It's time for this blog to get back to being about sheep & shepherding!  You may be happy to know that I just finished a blog specifically for Bluff Country Canine Rescue.  Now, I won't have to do all the posts related to rescue on here.  If you'd still like to know what's going on in my world of Rescue ~ just follow along on the new blog!  I even have a Facebook Page devoted to the world of Canine Rescue!  The blog is still a work in progress and I have much more to add but I feel like it's a good start.  The new blog will be the "Official Home" of BCCR.  Once the initial set up is completed, it shouldn't take up too much of my time ~ just updates on new rescues and promoting dogs that are available for adoption.
(and of course, the never ending plea for money to make it all possible!)

Thank you all for your patience, your encouragement and your contributions.  I am truly blessed and...

Live is GOOD in the Bluff Country!

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