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Looking Back ~
The Year in Review...


I have to admit, I don't think that I have ever, at any time in my life, been so happy to see a year draw to a close.  Not that there weren't plenty of good and wonderful things that happened in the past year ~ of course there were!  Still, I think that 2011 will probably go down in my personal history as one of (if not THE) most difficult years of my life. 
I've decided to use my blog to reminisce over some of the happenings of the past 12 months.  Please join me as I look back at the good and the bad of 2011 in the Bluff Country.  I will select a couple of favorite, or most significant blog posts from each month to highlight the events as they transpired...Click on the links if you'd like to revisit them with me.  Each photo will also take you to the blog post that it was featured in!


Once of the things that I enjoyed doing in January ~ and I definitely think is worth repeating is "Making A Happy Card".  I was delighted to find that there are SO MANY things in my life that make me happy that I couldn't contain them all in one post, so we have:
"Happy Card Part Two".  Of course, not everything last January was fun and games.  In fact, "In a Pig's Eye"  may have  may just have been a forewarning of the year that was to come.  For sentimental reasons, "A Letter to My Daughter" still makes me smile & tear up.  And for a good laugh, you can "Listen to Those Piglets!". 


In February I shared some of my favorite "Black & White" photos, while complaining about being sick (seems to be a recurring theme here!).  Last year, I did my reminiscing in February in a post called "Looking Back".  Sometimes reminiscing makes me very when I see photos of animals that I've known and loved but are no longer part of my life.

I suppose that I could deal with the sadness of loss the same way that I dealt (or didn't deal with!) our snowy winter last year in "I Refuse!"


Aside from what was apparently becoming the norm (I was sick), March started out GREAT with a visit from my Beautiful Baby Girl & her (at that time) Fiance.  In "My Beautiful Baby Girl Helping out ...aka Pig Rodeo" you'll see Katie helping take care of the piglets.  What a HOOT!  I discovered a fun new way of "Dying Mohair Locks" and made many beautiful colors in March of last year.
And of course, the beginning of the end of Life as I Knew it happened in March...Unfortunately, on the advice of my attorney, I have removed all posts about the accident that shattered my elbow ~ and my life.  I'm not sure if this will work but I just found an unpublished DRAFT of a post I was planning on doing.  You can tell I was on some pretty heavy duty pain-relievers at the time!  Speaking of heavy duty pain killers:  This is a video that my daughter, Pam, took of me in the emergency room ~ shortly after getting IV pain meds:

Ya gotta love that "La-la Medicine"!
Just so that you know that I was being "Well Cared For"  This is one of my very favorite photos:

I have my three kids in photos on the wall above my bed (sorry about cutting off your head Ben!) and my much loved dogs and cat keeping me company and keeping me warm as I recover from my painful injury.  I am loved!

Coming up next: 
April, May and June.

My!  How time flies!

 Update at 2:45pm:  Since Michelle said, in the comments, that the link to the Draft didn't work, I've copied and am pasting the text here:

Incapacitated.  Incapitulated. Impossiblated.  Inebriated!

ij you havent heard by now, i'm hurt. i took a nasty fall last wednesday at the local gas station/civenience store. i tripped over little concrete curb-thing that you pull your vehicle up to, when you park. unfortunately, this particular curb is wider than my jeep, so when i walked around the jeep i tripped over it and went flying. i landed hard. very hard. i scraped both of my knees and my left wrist. and hurt my left arm. i couldnt get up. i laid there for few minutes, worrried that some one was going to run me over. lucily, no one did. a kindly elderly gentleman pulled me to a sitting position. i was in a great deal of pain so, of course, wanted to go home.
'the manlifted me up so that i was staning and helped me get back into my jeep. unfortunately, i was in so much pain that i couldnt even turn the key in the ignition let alone drive. store personel and a parimedic who happened to be in the store came out to see what was going on. the parimedic was sure that my arm was broken and worrid that i might go into shock. a policemn came and asked me if there was someone in the area that i could call to take me to the hospitable. i told him no because i didn't want him to call pam and have her drive all the way out here (45 vmiles one way!)) Pam's therinlaw had suffered a stroke the day before and she and her husband were yring to take care of his mom. i didnt want to dump another problem on their shoulders. so the cop called an ambulance. FOR (what we thought was just) A BROKEN ARM! How embarassing,
to try to shorten this (i'm typing with one hand) let's just say that they gave me massive doses of
'la-la medicine" in the emergency room BEFORE even looking at my arm. i felt pretty good until someone touched it. then i screamd. Pam met the ambulance at the emergency rrm ~ she and karl had just taken his mom back home. i felt SO badly for my princess. she held my hand so tghtly and kept her fce right up against mine as the er doctors unwrapped my arm and then started an iv. it had to be so harde for oam because i wasw in so much pain that i was screaming and sobbing like a baby.

it wasnt until thursday when an othepedist looked at the x-rayys that it was discovered that i had much more than 'just a broken arm' ~ i had "shattered my elbow1' i guess the end of the radius was broken ino pieces (some of which were now floating around between the shattered and dislocated radius and the ulna. no wonder it hurt so bad! i felt vindicated. not that anyone implied that i was being a baby, but i felt like i was. i've had broken arms befre and never screamed and cried like i did with this one. it's silly, i know, but i actually felt better when the orthpedist sowed pam and i the x rays and explained the exstent of the injuies.

so much for short post, =my arm really is killion me soi i'm going to go lie back down in the recliner (thats where i have to sleep because it hurts too much to lie down in a bed.

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