Sunday, February 27, 2011

I REFUSE... speak one more word or post one more photograph about winter .
From this day forward, there will be no snow in the Bluff Country.

There is plenty going on, inside my house, that does not require me to set foot outside until the grass is growing and the flowers are blooming!

There are more socks to knit
(this is my second pair!)

And crazy, wild animals to attend to:

Baby chicks who are growing fast,

(in the comfort of my living room!)

They must be carefully monitored and protected during play time...

"Aww, shucks Mom, I wouldn't hurt 'em!"

I've started spinning my multi-tonal red roving:

Best of all,

my Beautiful Baby Girl

(and her wonderful Fiance!) will be home (as in MY home) tonight!!!
I'll be getting SOOOOO many hugs!

(notice the weather?)
Katie is stationed in Georgia and Carter's in San Diego.
They're bringing their weather with them!

DREAM says...

"I do believe that Mom's been dipping her toes in a river called "de-Nile"! 
Just don't forget to feed us when the worst of the heat of the day is over, Mom..."

I won't forget, Dreamer. 
I better stock up on insect repellent too!



  1. Awesome! Thank them for their service for me and enjoy the hugs!
    (And weather.) ;-)

  2. Hey Nancy!! The chicks really have grown, and I've grown tired of winter too--Especially after days like we've had today!!

    Enjoy your beautiful daughter! I've found that hugs really do make life a lot better!!!

  3. I see your cracking a little bit up your way too! I am thinkig spring better be hot and dry! So do you get a space on your couch or do you have to ask permission to sit down?

  4. Actually, it doesn't do me any good to ask for permission. They just roll their eyes and sigh. I usually try to sit between them and then one will groan and get up in disgust. That one then goes and lays on my bed. Right up by the pillows...

  5. Lol!! I got a kick out of your 'wild and crazy' animals, they look about as excited as I feel (although they also look a good deal more comfortable, I must say).

    Oh, I am holding to myself the vision of you and your Baby Girl cozying up together today. I suspect your daughter's presence will beautify that snow considerably in your eyes. Have a lovely, lovely week, m'dear!!

    (ps - very nice socks, you should make a pair for Baby Girl!)

  6. AWESOME socks Nancy! One of my first pairs was corriedale with shetland/coopworth on the heels and toes. I love using different colors and yarns on heels and toes. On heels, I usually knit with two strands for extra good wear. So glad to see your second pair! And thankfully, the wild ones are on the sofa...not your nice fleeces....:)
    Amy at Wheely Wooly Farm

  7. Lovely post, gorgeous warm looking socks. I love the picture of the three amigos on the couch!
    I used to let my two cockerels in at night. They would sit on my airer while I did the ironing and then we'd move into the lounge and they would sit on the back of it, snuggling up to my hair. So sweet, your feathery feet chucks.



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