Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Moments...

I just visited the blog of a newer member of  the "A Shepherd's Voice" family.  The blog is written by Tina Eudora and is titled:  "One Wild Swan"     I was deeply touched by a video that Tina shared on one of her blog posts.  Of course, I was first drawn to it because it was filmed in Italy (a VERY special memory for myself and La Mia Bella Bambina!),  This video so inspired me so ~ and made me smile ~ that I've decided to start a new "tradition" on my blog.  "Monday Moments" will be my attempt to start every week (Mondays) with a post that will bring a smile.  I hope that you like this video as much as I do...

DREAM says...

"Happy Monday!  Buon Giorno!  Ciao!, Carpe Diem!!"
"I think I'm going to LIKE this new tradition, Mom!"

Me too, Dreamer!
Me too...


  1. Nancy thanks so much for visiting my blog and finding something of merit! I too loved that video. When I first saw it I cried because I found it so beautiful. The world would be a totally different place if we could take time once in awhile and just hug other people and let them know they matter to us even if we have never met before....
    I am a huge animal lover so I just adore your blog and always leave a visit here with a smile! Thanks!
    Tina xo

  2. Oh me too, Tina. Me too! That video brought tears to my eyes and makes me wonder what would happen if someone did it in every town in America! We're having a nasty battle in neighboring Wisconsin (my birth state) between the Republicans and the Democrats. I would LOVE to drive down to the capital with a "Free Hugs" sign...

  3. Thnx for the smile...though have to admit I am also crying right now...So beautiful *hugs* Kelsie

  4. Don't feel badly, Kelsie! I cried too and I think I've watched & listened to it about a hundred times today. I just posted it to my Facebook status along with a message to the Governor of Wisconsin who is trying to turn the working people of Wisconsin against each other in order to bust up the Unions...

    How I would LOVE to make a couple of signs and go march around the capital building!

  5. Oops! Lost my comment.Let's try again.
    What a great video. I loved it so much that I posted a link to your blog, today, so my followers could enjoy it too.
    People need hugs. You deserve a special one for posting this video.

    p.s. Your not going to believe this but my word to post a comment was... "Huggl". LOL!

  6. Thank you, Farmlady!

    I can't believe your word was HUGGL!!!
    That's like hugs for piggels!


    VERY cool...

  7. this is wonderful!!! I've seen it before, but it was a perfect time to see it again. The music really makes it special. It affected me so much that I just called my daughter in Savannah, GA and told her how much I miss her - asked her to hug herself, my wonderful SIL, and most of all my toddler grandson! So, thank you!!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  8. wonderful- I too am smiling through the tears.

  9. I did like this video mama, despite my aversion to hugs :) Of course that they picked THAT song made it far more heart wrendching! Think of that videa if it had the coreography of like the old charlie chaplin movie, if you know what i mean. It would be a totally different sensation, but they knew what they were doing ;) Great message

  10. Thanks for sharing the hugs. :-D

  11. this video should be shown to all the governments of the world.....

    a nice happy and warm piece of film making

  12. I couldn't agree more!

  13. Nancy -

    BEAUTIFUL! Just beautiful. Wouldn't it be nice if the world could remember to be a little bit more like that??

    Do you need any help getting ready for company? This is the first weekend in forever without doctor appointments or other hassles, and hopefully Michael's arm is finally healed enough that if he falls on it AGAIN, it won't necessitate another xray, different cast, etc.



    p.s. I finally joined the blogging world :)



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