Wednesday, February 09, 2011

You're not going to believe what I did...


I did it again.
I put today's post (the poll!) on my chicken blog.
I honestly did not do this on purpose. 

But, since It's done and I don't want to go through the hassle of retyping the whole thing,  if you don't mind, please go over to my "Backyard Chickens" blog and vote for your favorite word/definition combination.

I apologize for any inconvenience.
I will announce the winner tomorrow morning!

DREAM says...

"Bwaaaaa, Haa Haa Haa Haa!  Way to go Mom."

Thanks a LOT, Dreamer!


I want to mention that two of my favorite word/definitions were the following:

decidon (Dik-ee-dahn) a shamed Greek god, banned from folklore for his hideous fashion sense, Dicidon was brother of Poseidon, but his love of dickies under his tunic resulted in his expulsion from Mt. Olympus
(my absolute favorite!)
porwaf:  a tragic and unfortunately wedded female usually found in the deep south.  Signs of such a creature may be hoards of screaming children, clothing that resembles used handkerchiefs and the ability to nurse offspring, darn socks and cook up a mess-a-sumthin, simultaneously.  The name originated from locals known to say "look yonder at that thar girlyan all thems wee things.  an with her man down at the pub.  sho thing...ahh prwaf."

However, since these two entries were submitted by my Beautiful Baby Girl,
aka "La Mia Bella Bambina,
and she can have all the home made goat milk soap she wants, at any time, I decided to exclude them from the poll. 

Thank you so much for entering them, Katie!  They definitely made me laugh.

To see the entries that DID make the cut...get on over to my Bluff Country Backyard Chickens Blog!


  1. There should be no need to retype everything? Can't you just click and drag to copy, then cut and paste to this blog?

  2. Such a strange picture of Dream! It certainly does fit the caption though. :)

  3. I'll try it, Michelle. In the past, whenever I tried copying and pasting ~ even just withing the same blog post) ~ it messes all the formatting up...

    We'll see.

  4. my goodness Dream!!!! hee hee

  5. HAHAHAHA!!! I LOVE that you loved my posts (tho i am frustrated to see that i misspelled "dicidon" in it's original form. It was never 'decidon' grrr. And what the heck?! I don't get to be in the running!? That's one hug that Im allowed to shrink away from :) (oh relax its just one :) ) And Ill certainly be glad to get some soaps from home, in a few weeks!!! I absolutely cannot wait!!! :)
    Thank you for liking what i wrote... and that last pic of Dream is hilarious! :)



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