Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Look Back continued...

I know.
It's hard!
And to make it even MORE difficult, this particular game is going to be cumulative!

But, I hope that you think the prize

will be worth it.

I hope I'm not boring too many of you but I'm having a BLAST  going through my old photos!
I won't make all of them into questions...
just a few:

#1  What was the name of my beautiful Silkie hen who gave me the very first chicks hatched in the Bluff Country?

Here are a couple of much more current photos:

#2  Do you know who took them?

Lots of hard work goes into keeping this place running and the animals fed.
I enjoy documenting my efforts!

Making hay
(with a lawn rake and a wheel barrow!)

Gathering rocks for my "rock wall"

There are some painful  memories associated with that!

Sometimes I'm lucky and get some help!

Katie LOVES to help, when she is home:

#3  What kind of tree did Bella help me plant in the backyard?

When I'm REALLY lucky,
my Grandsons come out to help!
(actually, I'm just as happy when they just come to visit)

#4  What is this handsome young man's name?
10 bonus points if you can tell who is my favorite Grandson and why.

(there are two, possible correct answers to the bonus question)

Yup, I've got some wonderful memories from my life in the Bluff Country!

And I've made some amazing  friends.

#6  & #7
Can you name these two ladies?

I've had to say good-bye to a few...

That's always so SAD...

But, I'll never forget them.

#8  Do you remember this little cutie?
What's her name?

#9  Who's her mama?

We've endured some tough winters...

And rejoiced at the coming of Spring!

DREAM says...

I've got one!"

#10   What is my twin sister's name?

I will be selecting a random comment (via the "random number generator), later on tonight to award another prize to.

Stay tuned!


  1. ooooh! A DREAM SHEEP soapy! OOOOOH! hee hee. I wasn't even born when a lot of these things happened! I've been enjoying looking back with you too! Dream was a very cute young lady, wasn't she. I must say that my lady really likes Alice too. She thinks she's beautiful. xxxx oooo

  2. I don't know the answers but I am enjoying seeing all your older photos since I am a newbie follower, they are all new to me :)

    Ugh @ haying with a rack...I am not sure that is a job I am looking forward to.

    Blessings Kelsie

  3. Here's a thought... I'm coming to your house.

  4. Maybe you'll win the 'random number generator' comment prize, Issobelle! You are always such a wonderful commentor. I think Alice is beautiful too!

    I'm so glad that you've joined us, Kelsey! Making hay with the rake and the wheelbarrow really isn't too bad. It gives me something to do outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine! (like I don't have enough to do)

    I'll get the guest room ready, Marilyn!

  5. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Round 2 Answers:
    1) Madonna
    2) Pam
    3) Flowering Snow Crab
    4) Josh
    5) Matt – Favorite Middle Grandson & Nick – Favorite Youngest Grandson
    6) Virginia
    7) Terry
    8) Fantasy
    9) Dream
    10) Bluff Country Make A Wish

    Later -
    Jean -- MN

  6. I am new to your blog, so I don't know ANY of the answers, but I just wanted to tell you how wonderful your photos are! We would love to get some sheep for our farm.

  7. This is frustrating because I KNOW I know them... yet i just dont... urrrgh! Anyway, my thoughts:
    1. Star
    2. My Most Wonderfullest Favoritest Big Sister!!
    3. Snow Crab
    4. Josh :)
    5. Matt and Nick :)
    6. Terry?
    7. Corinne?
    8. ???
    9. Dream ?
    10. She had a sister!?

  8. tee he he he he!
    Yes, La Mia Bella Bambina ~ Dream had a twin sister. ;-)

    Actually, I must admit that I am flabbergasted that Jean actually got them ALL correct! I'm giving her a bit of a pass on my favorite grandsons because she didn't say Josh (because he's the oldest) but I realize that the way I worded it and set up the photos was a bit confusing (Pam commented on this). UNBELIEVABLE, Jean!

  9. I can't take the pressure, this is worse than any college exam I took! I need to find a way too cheat......;)

  10. Sorry for the delay, Kristi! I'm working on the announcement right now. ;-)

    For the correct answers to the questions on this post, see Jean's comments and include Josh as a favorite Grandson (cuz he's the oldest).

    Thanks guys! This was fun.

    Katie ~ next week I'll post some links to some of your favorite old posts....



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