Wednesday, February 02, 2011

It's NEVER too cold...

To get outside and take pictures of my CRITTERS!

Isn't she gorgeous?
ELEVEN years old, folks!
Alice is eleven years old.  The lambs she has this year will be her last.  From now on, she'll just be Grandma.

These two girls (Princess & Kiss) are Alice's daughter and Granddaughter.  Both are triplets.  They are still in with Hero but I may try rearranging things when we get the next 'warm spell'.

Speaking of Hero...

He sure is a handsome ram!

He has to check out Sable and Bella when they want to come into Hero's paddock.

Bella says

"That's close enough!"

She is a herding breed, after all.

I've moved my poor, little piglets out to the hay barn.
Don't worry, they snuggle into the bales of hay to stay warm.

I don't shut the door to the hay barn, so they can come out whenever they want.
Needless to say, they're squealing for their breakfast,  at my back door, the first thing every morning!

Even Bella Kitty
(the "outdoor" cat that I adopted who now spends equal amounts of time indoor and outdoors)  doesn't seem phased by the cold.  I'm always surprised when she wants to venture out into the snow.

Mi-Mi Kitty, on the other hand,
MUCH prefers a warm place to spend her time...

You can see close up pictures of the baby chicks on my Chicken Blog.

DREAM says...

"Mom says we're lucky that the worst of the winter storm went South of us. 
I have no idea what the heck she's talking about!"


  1. Alice is really a beautiful animal. I love that a picture of her. She looks so warm in her fur coat.
    But those little pigs are adorable. I never thought about pigs until I saw yours and now I want some little pigs.
    Why do I keep hearing tiny bells ringing on you blog?

  2. I have a favor to ask... would you please look at my blog entry from Jan. 28 and tell me what breed of sheep you think our little "foster-boy" might be. I know the pictures aren't great, but I'm thinking he resembles your Shetland's to some degree. Thanks!

  3. What gorgeous cats you've got!!

    And Alice looks every inch the wise and dignified grandma... eleven years!! You obviously have very happy and healthy animals (must be all those pumpkins...)

  4. It is hard to believe that Alice is eleven years old, she is beautiful, great picture.

  5. all of your animals are so cute nancy!!! dear old alice is adorable! Hero is a nice looking ram you are lucky to have him! im jealous haha :)
    Mac @ Spring Hill Farm

  6. Hero is absolutely gorgeous! But, uh, er, not nearly as beautiful as dear please don't let Dream glare at me!

  7. Glad to hear everyone is doing well. :)

  8. They are all so beautiful -- and I completely agree with the commenter who said Alice looks like quite the wise grandmother.

  9. There is a whole lot of fun going on at your place! I probably shouldn't visit your blog, because not only do I want chickens now (again), but I need some pigs! D'oh!

  10. Awww, Mimi Kitty looks so happy! Thank you for spoiling her in the winter :) It is super cute to see the piglets running around next to the sheep! And I love that they come to your door in the morning for breakfast, that must be fun to wake up to.

  11. I think Shetlands look so beautiful in winter...the revel in the cold! Bella kitty is gorgeous...what a sweet round face!



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