Monday, February 07, 2011

What are we playing for???

I had no idea how imaginative and FUNNY my readers are!

I'm going to set up a poll on Wednesday morning  and let you vote for your favorite words/definitions out of the list that I narrow it down to.  Please continue to share the letters that you see when posting a comment and the definition that you make up to go with the imaginary word that you make out of those letters,  until midnight onTuesday, 2/8.

The winner will be announced at 9pm on Wednesday evening and will get to pick out TWO bars of my homemade goat milk soap as their prize.

Choose from "plain" bars ~ like the "honey-almond" bar above.

Or fancy bars like this 'cinnamon' quilted sheep:

Or this lovely "spice" fragranced bar dedicated to the love of knitting with wool:

Our winner might prefer a heart-shaped soap for Valentine's Day:

Who could resist an "orange/clove scented, curly sheep?

You can see some of the other frangrances and options that are available in my
"Sheep Hugs & Soap Suds"  online store.

If you haven't played the GAME yet, or are unsure of the rules, check out the original post where I explained it.   You can also get a good idea of how the game is played by reading through the comments on the last three posts.  It's been a blast!

DREAM says...
"Dazzle asked me to remind you that you can enter as many times as you want but to please use a different comment for each entry.  And to be sure and keep the letters in the order that they appear in the little box.  Mom says you don't need any instructions on making up definitions because she's been cracking up in there, reading the ones that you've already been posting"

Good Luck!


  1. Anonymous2:23 AM

    OMG that last one is adorable! Where do you get your soap molds?

  2. Anonymous2:25 AM

    Psh, "summed" boring word. Trying again :)

    Enoshom: One of the famed "hundreds" of Inuit words for snow. In this case referring to the icy packed snow built up on the bottom of your snowshoes.

  3. Anonymous4:55 AM

    Beautiful soaps - glad to hear you are enjoying the fun. Stay warm today!

    "maptibl" - term referring to whether an area can be mapped -- can this terrain be mapped?

    Jean - MN

  4. Hey Nancy!! I admire people for being so clever with their words--I am not, so this is why I recognize talent to do this when I see it! :-))

    HA, my word verification word is 'sucon' The definition to this is what you do when you want to get someone to do something or need their forgiveness--you sucon (or kiss) their behind! :-)))))

  5. You talented soap-maker, you! It seems your ambition has no end!

  6. I am SO lovin' the clove curly sheep! :)
    (And your fun game!)

    Fercoun: The subsequent poops that come from a house dwelling goat kid immediately *after* changing the 3am diaper.

  7. This game is becoming addicting. One should start a new dictionary!

    "Propocab": prop-oh-cab: a device used to prop or support up very tired shepherds and shepherdesses during the onslaught of the lambing season.

  8. Those soaps look heavenly!!! I can almost smell them - any chance you could add smell-o-vision to your blog? Just so I can block it if you're photographing manure....
    Not fair! I actually got a REAL word - ensure!! Must try again....

  9. OK, the darn thing went straight to posting before I could try for another word....
    aritort: a legal term meaning the intentional harm one lamb does to another while they are leaping in the air.

    Nancy in Iowa

  10. I got some soap at Christmas and now I see I'm going to have to get the curly, clove soap too.

    oussess: a group of shelters for protecting sheep from the elements on the Shetland Islands.
    "Storms are brewing, get the sheep to the oussess, stat!"

  11. Wow, what beautiful soaps.

    word: sesstru
    definition: it's true (sesstru), a term used to give agreement.

  12. That's dazzle in the background? huh, that wasn't a name i was mulling over. Oh well, I have my mother's memory :) I think the 2 soaps are a great prize! I love the old fashioned looking "wool" one, and i bet the spice scent is yummy!

    porwaf - a tragic and unfortunately wedded female usually found in the deep south. Signs of such a creature may be hoards of screaming children, clothing that resemble used handkerchieves, and the ability to nurse offspring, darn socks, and cook up a mess-a-sumthin simultaneously. The name originated from locals, known to say "look yonder at that thar girly an all thems wee things< an with her man down at the pub sho thing... ahh porwaf."

  13. Oh, my, those soaps sound DELICIOUS... don't let Dream near them!!


    menna: A special treat for our sister spinners and knitters, sent down from heaven as a blessing when we have been particularly productive. "It's Raining Men, Halleluja!!"

  14. I'm just getting ready to make a batch of soap and REALLY wish I had some orange and clove oil!

  15. Anonymous11:53 PM

    Stop the contest, Eileen just won. "Menna" indeed :D

  16. What wonderful molds for your soap! Just charming.

    TESSA; A girls name that means "to cook".... as in The Barefoot 'Tessa.



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