Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Black & White and shades of grey...

Things aren't always what they seem.
Alice isn't black & white.

Or even shades of grey.

She's actually "Musket".

Which, in Shetland sheep, is the brown version of grey.  A sheep that is born brown but lightens to a pale, grey-ish brown, "oatmeal'" color. 

Alice's daughter, Destiny,  is "Shaela"  a dark, steely grey, almost black color but having a metalic tint that can look like "black frost"

Even an all white sheep appears to have shades of grey, in a black & white photograph;
from the play of light and shawdows on her fleece.

Just look at all the shades of grey on this "moorit"  (reddish brown) ewe. 

The reality is, non of these sheep really look like they do in these photos.
Nothing is just black & white. 
There are always shades of grey.

Last week I was very sick.  I ran a fever, had the chills, severe body aches, dizziness, weakness, an awful, burning vinegar smell in my nose and metalic taste in my mouth  and a horrible cough. 

I'm not sick anymore.

Well, not completely sick.
Maybe a little sick.

I'm still getting occassional dizzy spells that just about knock me off my feet.  It feels like the whole room shifts.  The feeling is so dramatic that it makes me nauseaus.  The icky smell & taste don't help much either...
I'm really sick of being sick...

DREAM says...

"You better hurry up and get REALLY  BETTER, Mom!  Your Beautiful Baby Girl will be home next week and I know  how much you're looking forward to seeing her again."

You're absolutely right, Dreamer.  I don't want to be sick when Katie and Carter are here.  If I don't feel much better tomorrow,
I'll go to the doctor...


  1. Anonymous1:32 AM

    Hi Nancy

    Please look at the following clip from 4 years ago
    It was the origins of the "HUGS" made the news and everythings. It's to music and really brings a tear to my eye still.

  2. I love these pictures.
    I hate that you're still sick.

  3. I always love the black and white pics :) I do not ever love when you are sick! However, I also don't mind you being sick when Im home cuz at least I can take care of you a little :) Feel better for YOU, not for me Mama. I love you very much and can't wait for Sunday night!!

  4. Nancy, I never see sheep and don't think of you!! Your pictures in black and white really show more depth and detail that is sometimes missed in color!

    I so hope you feel better Nancy--I'll continue to send healing thoughts in your direction--I stopped for a couple of days, because I thought you were better! :-)

  5. Please go to the doctor. When I was sick at Christmas I waited too long and when I finally saw the doctor he told me I should have come in sooner. I needed antibiotics to get well. I was facing pneumonia.
    Take care and go see your doctor. Some illness doesn't just go away.
    That's as black and white as I can get....

  6. I'm taking you at your word, girl, and expecting to see in the next post that you consulted your doctor. You DEFINITELY want to be feeling more up to par when your darling girl comes to see you!

    I'm a big fan of B&W photos - thank you for sharing these, they really are quite lovely!

  7. I love Shetlands,I have a Shetland Cotswold cross,she's a spunky one. Thanks for the link on colors,it's great!!



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