Thursday, February 10, 2011

Now you've gone and done it!
And Farm Fun Friday...

I understand that everyone was excited to learn who the winner of the "Word Contest" was, but even I was surprised.

My poor dogs were pis  ah-HUM!, heartbroken.

They couldn't believe that no one commented on their pretty pictures.

Not one, single, solitary person!

They were very upset.

Especially Sable...

She was feeling pretty unappreciated!

Sable doesn't like to feel unappreciated!

At ALL!!!

DREAM says...

"Don't listen to Mom!  She's just pullin' your leg.
Besides, what have those stupid dogs got to complain about?
There wasn't even a single picture of ME on yesterday's post!"

Actually, Dream's right.  All those pictures of Sable were taken when I was trying to get her to "smile" on cue.  When ever I scold her, Sable "smiles".  Those of you who have smiley dogs, know what this means.  They wrinkle their noses and pull their top lip up, exposing their teeth.  It is SO cute!  And Sable does it all of the time.  Except when I want her to do it.

Oh well. 
Another day.

Speaking of another day,

Click on the link and you'll go to Amy's "Verde Farm" blog where there are a whole bunch of fun, farm blogs just waiting to have you stop in and say hi!
Check them out.
You'll be glad that you did!


  1. Oh Nancy, shame on everyone of us for not commenting on these BEAUTIFUL furry babies of yours. I don’t blame them one bit for being “upset” :) LOL I have to say they are gorgeous and the one of them nose to nose is my favorite. Now--Dream..I want one :( Have any like her I could buy--she is a beauty!!!

  2. Ohhh Mannnnn!
    Sendy bloggy doggy treats along with my sincere apologies ❤

  3. Well they do say never work with kids or

    Poor unloved poochies...

    Blessings Kelsie

  4. Jackson grins whenever Rick or I get home, but I'll never be able to capture it on camera. He wiggles and runs while he's grinning, and is positively ALLERGIC to a camera lens pointed his way! Love the photo of the two dogs' heads together....

  5. WHATEVER! MY comment was all about the dogs!!! With a little of the contest and the cats thrown in at the beginning and end. but jeeez! holy whiners!

  6. Those 4 legged guys are so opinionated! Always looking for an "in" to be noticed! Gosh, I am so glad you can accomodate all their demands;)

  7. The girls appreciate all your apologies and good thoughts. Especially the doggy treats from Marilyn! ;-)

    I'm sorry Katie! You're right. You did talk about the dogs. I must have forgotten to read that comment to them...


    But what about that HUGE yawn by Daisy??? Did you realize that she was yawning? Isn't that the biggest yawn you've ever seen?

    I (I mean DAISY!) just couldn't believe that nobody even mentioned it.

  8. Pooor Beautiful Babies!! We had labs that"smiled" It was great!

  9. Spoiled babies that think they run the house..... Oh wait.... they do. Mine do anyway. Tell them we're sorry. Give them an extra biscuit.

  10. Give them all triple hugs! And pat their heads and tummies. That should do it.

  11. Hello Love your pics. I love Farm Friend Friday.

  12. ok, so Daisy is supposedly the big attention seeker? ... knowing Daisy, I kind of doubt that. It was an epic yawn though daisy, suuuuree was. Epic.

  13. Well, I will say " Hi!" to ALL inhabitants of the Bluff Country, 2-legged and 4 legged, human and critter. Hopefully I have not offended anyone. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your new Valentine's Blog background! I am having enough difficulty figuring out basic stuff in Blogger.... I am definitely not ready for all of the fun things you do!! I was thrilled to figure out how to change font colors. Tomorrow is the (hopefully) giant bead sale. I am hoping to make enough selling off 12 years worth of pearls, stones, crystal and silver to purchase the startup stuff for the new venture. Fingers crossed. Hope all is going well down there! We have yet another "new" cast for Michael (3rd one in a week), and darned if he didn't take it off to shower last night, and then promptly tripped and fell and caught himself with the broken arm. Sigh.

    Katie in MN

  14. I love it Nancy! I am way behind on my blogging so maybe that is my excuse because I can tell you that no one loves puppy dogs more than I do! (To the are all so beautiful and very photogenic I am just blown away)and Dream is just that a dream to look at! Being a knitter I can tell you that your wool coat looks lovely!
    May you all have a wonderful St. Valentine's Day!
    Tina xo

  15. LOL very funny.. O.K. Doggies you are so beautiful~! Just so you won't feel unloved you get to sleep with Nancy tonight~! Good luck finding the right spot~! Last one in has to sleep at the bottom of the bed next to the stinky feet.. LOL.
    Have a Tiggeriffic Night~!
    Ta Ta For Now from Iowa:)



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