Saturday, February 05, 2011

GAME Time!

DREAM says...

"You are NOT going to believe what Mom has done!
Suffice it to say that things are not exactly  peaceful in the Bluff Country today."

I put all the sheep back together yesterday.
The game is ON!

Actually, things have settled down quite nicely.
But I did reunite ALL of the sheep yesterday.  It was "interesting".  I took so many photos and I want to share them but I'm going to split them up into several posts instead of one, L  O  N  G  one. 

I would also like to invite you to play along as you watch the antics of my flock.
I've always thought it would be great fun to give meanings to the random letters that pop up when you go to leave a comment on most blogs.  What I would like to do, is propose a game:

Each time you leave a comment, please include the random letters that you had to copy and your definition of the word you make of them.  Keep the letters in the order they appear.  I realise that in most cases, the results aren't a "real" word ~ that's half the fun! 

On Wednesday, Feb. 9 we'll select the "winner" (the person with the best definition for their made up word) and that person will win a PRIZE (to be determined). 

Remember, you must use the random letters that pop up when you  are about to leave a comment.  You may enter as many times as you wish but only one word for each group of letters will be accepted. 

"This is gonna be FUN!"


  1. I'll go first.

    Huh! It looks like you don't get the random words until you click on 'post comment'. Let me see if it lets me go back to the post once I hit "post comment"...

  2. Well, POOP! It didn't. But I'm thinking that may be because it's MY blog. I'd suggest you hit "preview" first ~ that should give you the randomly generated letters. Then you should be able to 'edit' your comment to include the letters and your definition of the word you make up using them...

  3. ok. I'll try it out...ahhh...It worked! I got destr, when I hit preview. And, now back to our game...
    how about "destore" -sort of like spring cleaning, the process of getting rid of all the unnecessary stuff we've been storing.
    Oh nuts! Now when I hit preview I got a better "word"...Check it out..."nosighie"- cheer up. No sigh (ee)!
    Now, I'm going to try to just post this much, no matter what new and exciting letters appear.

  4. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Sounds interesting - took Latin in high school, was an English major in another lifetime, now work with an AS400 mainframe that specializes in dropping vowels -- see what I can come up with -
    "HYLERTI" - multiple water creatures who are always aware - on alert- for danger


  5. I LOVE it!!! "HYLERTI"

    Bea ~ remember, don't change the letters. Just make the using the letters you get. Like you did with nosighie ~ that was great!

    This IS going to be fun!

  6. "Boys will be boys"

    Alright I'll give it a try...

    herfers - opposite of himgnsts; also country for a young female cow.

  7. Anonymous1:12 PM

    LOL!! This is a game I play mentally when posting comments! I am always fascinated by the "almost words" the computer comes up with! Hitting Post Comment (again and again):

    scrucer - spring cleaning for people who are normally cavalier about such things... a combination of scrubbing and sprucing.

    eyingifi - The process of calculating the odds of someone catching you doing something that is likely to end very badly. "Hmmm... If I quickly climb onto the garage roof in my pj's to break that ice dam on the south corner, I doubt anyone will be eyingifi go quickly.... "

    gurnme - The level of trauma required to get hospital-phobic people into an ambulance. "Since I was lying semi-conscious in a pool of blood, they over-rode my objections to the contrary and declared gurnme rights."

    Cutskt - What happen to your finger when you slip while cutting up vegetables for Borscht!

    OK, I'll stop.

    Katie in MN

  8. Hmmm...Interesting...

    "Conefu" \ kone-FOO \ noun
    1. The cousin of the more well-known "kung-fu", conefu has mostly been abandoned because of it's circular tendencies causing dizziness, which in most cases lead to accident and injury.
    2. Mr. T's spoken words while handing out frozen yogurt treats at a fast food resturant chain.
    3. The actual thing you say when you sneeze.

  9. I do the same thing, Katie :)

  10. Ok!Here goes.

    "Lars-hor" is the word. It refers to Men in Copenhagen and their favorite lady from the Red
    Light District.

  11. I do too! That's what made me want to do this game.

    Feel free to play as many times as you like. But please use a different comment for each set of letters.

    I HATE that I don't get letters on my own blog!


    What I'm thinking I'll do is pick my top 10 or 15 on Tuesday (this will continue on all posts thru Wednesday) and then let everyone vote on the finalists, Wednesday.

  12. Oh, what an idea! Nancy, you're the greatest with ideas. I think it's fun that the programmer, whoever they might be, finally gave us letter combos that could possibly be words instead of the gibberish that they started out with many moons ago. So... where's my "word"?...

    warcroos war-KRUZ' Small town down the Vistula River from Warsaw, Poland. Access is by boat only (cruising down the river, on a Sunday afternoon....)

    Franna - trying to avoid the obvious connection to "war".

  13. Just had to do it again.
    Yantsoc - Yant-sock - Foot sweater made from the sturdy fleece of the Polish Yant. The Yant's fleece is not as soft as Shetland fleece, and a bit stinky, but it wears like iron.

  14. Oh, that second picture gave me an instant head and neck ache. How do they clash like that and not get seriously hurt!?!?! I hate it when my bunch does that. But when I call to tell them to stop they just turn and look at me with a "WHAT?" look in their faces.

  15. I forgot to post my word. I think maybe I have brain freeze.

    hotorcha.....slang for "who taught you" as in "hotorcha howta do it 'at way?!?!?"

  16. Oooh you're in a fun mood today!
    Just look at those bucking rams.

  17. Ok, my word is 'kingsfr'

    It means 'Kings's get cold feet when they lose their bedsocks.'

  18. Cool game!!

    pritray: what you serve when the Superbowl sneaks up on you and friends pop over and all you've got is a couple tubes of ersatz potato chips in the cupboard.

  19. Hmmmm... SaSOpred... Its a hormone predictor Goes between Sassy and Somewhat crazy to OUT of control....
    Okay thats all I could come up with!Lol.. My creative switch clicked off for the night...

  20. The pics of the battling boys are awesome! I also love the one of dream with the lighter brown one over her shoulder, drat i know that one! I liked her when i was home!!... anyway,

    dicidon : (Dik-ee-dahn) a shamed Greek god, banned from folklore for his hideous fashion sense, Dicidon was brother of Poseidon, but his love of dickies under his tunic resulted in his expulsion from Mt. Olympus.

  21. Lovely fleeces, if I didn't already have so much fleece and roving on hand...sigh...

    stalla: A verb for what happens when reluctant sheep does not want to go into the stall/lambing jug in the barn before lambing. It requires dragging/shoving/cursing at said ewe until she decides to saunter in on her own. This can be avoided by taking a bucket of grain, however you run the risk of your entire flock joining her!

  22. Spoken like a true shepherdess, ellenspn!
    Welcome to A Shepherd's Voice.

    Katie ~ you almost made me pee my pants!

    Tonia ~ what the heck is a hormone predictor? LOL!!!

    OMG ~ you guys all crack me up!

    Don't forget we're doing this on ALL my blog posts until Wed. 2/9



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