Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sharing our Birthday and Farm Friend Friday...

DREAM says...

"It's my BIRTHDAY!"


"We're going to have a PARTY!"

"I'm supposed to be the one talking, Dazzle."

Hold it a minute Girls!
It's not your birthday Dreamer. 
It's going to be the Blog's birthday, this Saturday!

It's been five years since I started writing "A Shepherd's Voice".
You were right ~ we ARE going to have a party!

There will be games and contests and prizes and ALL SORTS of fun.

Stop back tomorrow for details!
But First...
Don't forget Farm Friend Friday!

Go visit Amy at Verde Farm for long list of fabulous farms that are blogging about life in rural America!  Have fun!!!

"But don't forget to come back for my, er...The BLOG's party on Saturday!"


  1. Oh how fun Nancy! 5 years--wow, that is amazing. Congratulations. The girls are so beautiful. I so want a multi colored shetland, they are gorgeous :)

  2. I can only imagine how great that must feel knowing you've been creating this blog for five years! Quite the accomplishment.

  3. Very cute... Congratulations on bloggin for 5 years, lots of memories!

  4. Wow! 5 years! Congrats!

  5. 5 years of blogging, congrats, that's quite a milestone:@)

  6. Cool. Will there be cake? or grain? B

  7. Happy Blog Birthday in Advance :-)

  8. Just stopping by from the Friday Farm hop. Beautiful pictures and congrats on the birthday/blog anniversary. I raise Shropshire sheep, myself.

  9. Congrats on the anniversary! It's nice to see the grass again, but here, we're expecting up to 7" of snow on Sunday. Meh.

  10. 5 years of beautiful pictures, amazing animal stories, and the generosity of sharing your farm with us!!! I'll definitely be here for the party.

    Nancy in Iowa

  11. Happy Birthday....just hopped here for Farm Friend Friday. Love your sheep. Can I bring my goats to your party??Oh, maybe that wouldn't be so good. They've never seen sheep and might faint.

    Happy Blog Birthday....we are 5 years old on our blog, also!!

  12. This is Tiggeriffic~! Love Dream and Dazzle. That was so cute.
    See you tomorrow~!
    Have a Tiggeriffic party and ta ta for now from Iowa:)

  13. Ok, so I went back to try to identify my favorite posts... HAHAHA!!! That is NOT possible! For every one I dug out of the past and realized how much I loved, there was a link to another one that I might just love even more!!! Nevertheless, I pulled a few titles out for you, and dont forget my initial response of "your mantra"... 'Not Really a Secret' - when you announced our trip to Italy :) 'Three Princes' - Where the boys work their butts off, and have a blast! 'Tormenting my beautiful baby girl' - i think u know this one... 'Happy Thanksgiving' with your beautifully worded and pictured blessings... and then there are things i remember that i dont have blogs for, like Lily being the cat on a hot tin roof! Or when you explained your heart shaped rocks (loved that), but there are so many little gems! Like the flood blog when the little stuffed sheep on your dashboard helped you take pictures!!
    Nope, cant pick a favorite, and i thank you very much for creating that impossibility :) you have a favorite??

  14. Bon Anniversaire, dearest girl!! I hope you and your blog (and your flock) have many, many more. Celebrate!!! (dance a little, too, on my behalf, please...)


  15. Yay! I'm your 100th follower! I'm Patrice from www.everydayruralty and I'm stopping by, a day late from Amy's Friday blog hop. I like your blog. What beautiful sheep!
    Have a good weekend!

  16. BTW- I have a section on my blog called "Barn Chicks who Blog". Amy at Verde Farms was featured there. I would really like to interview you for my blog. Please visit and see some of the interviews. They are located right under my header or in my labels on the sidebar. I haven't interviewed anyone who has Shetland Sheep. Please consider this. I can be reached at
    Thank you!

  17. Happy 5 Years!I'm visiting from Farm Friend Friday. The sheep are precious--I'll have to look to see how you all celebrated Saturday!



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