Sunday, February 06, 2011

So, what do the GIRLS think???

As I mentioned, there has been quite a bit of excitement with the reuniting of my entire Shetland flock.  A little head-butting by the boys.  But what about the girls?

Alice seems happy to have her daughter, Princess, back.

Princess and Kiss are a bit surprised by the crowd at feeding time.

It seems that each of the rams is trying to keep the ewes all to them self.  The poor girls don't know which way to turn!

DREAM says...
"The boys are really obnoxious but I'm not scared  of them."

"It's not like I'm  trying to hide or anything!"

"Chance, go see if the coast is clear..."

Don't forget, we're still playing the GAME.  When you click on 'publish comment' or 'preview comment', edit your comment to include the letters that you have to copy in order to post your comment.  Show the letters that you got (in the order they appear) and make up a word & definition using those letters as a word.  You may enter as many times as you like, but please leave a separate comment for each entry.   On Wednesday, we'll pick a winner of the best definition of whatever words you come up with.  Tomorrow, I'll show you what you'll be playing for...

If you want a good chuckle, look over the comments in the last two posts and see the funny words and meanings that people have come up with!


  1. relazi (re lazi) meaning: You have been lazy, but have not done it satisfactorily so you have to do it again. Example: My husband has been lying around all day, but he feels as though he needs to relazi now by watching the football game for 5 hours.

  2. Swint - What I do when I'm having trouble focusing, because I am NOT old enough to squint, yet. (Despite what my loving son says...)

    Katie in MN

  3. Anonymous5:40 PM

    Of course Dream's not scared -- that's why Chance is the lookout
    And the word today is: Pealieb - someone who loves peas


  4. Chance, that was the name I forgot! :)

    Winth - A forgotten shakespearean term, opposite of loseth. It means you did good :)

  5. I lied, it was not Chance who i was thinking of, Chance has the thick white blaze... I meant the light brown one with the skinny whit blaze, standing next to dream in the pic before chance investigates. Grrr. You should felt them some nametags.

    faceraft ( i swear i didnt make that up) - the next step after botox, where your face actually floats an inch or so in front of your head

  6. Hey Nancy!! I love 'your girls' and glad they're letting the boys know whose running the snow--I mean sHow! :-))

    My word verification was dinngin - A special dinner time brand of Gin...

  7. I love the sheep talk. I said this before but Alice is an amazingly beautiful ewe.

  8. oops!
    My word was "ba-yarp"; which is the sound a sheep makes when it baa's and throws up at the same time.
    I know.... I'm reaching for definitions here.

  9. Ooo, what a beautiful herd you've got, my dear!!

    (I'm not sure whether looking at them is giving me Knitgasms or Spingasms, but they are definitely a joy and things of beauty!)

    Comidam - A ewe with an attitude and a platform on which to display her opinions. Perfect examples: Dream and Deloris Van Horn.

  10. Love the sheep! And Farmlady's word and definition made me LOL!!

    Mine is kanth: biblical version of cannot. I kanth wait much longer for breakfast....

    Nancy in Iowa

  11. Why won't you tell me who the light brown young ewe with the skinny little blaze is mother. I told you my good news and everything!!!

    inessec - too easy... teenage vernacular usually directed towards mothers: "I'll do it INESSEC mom!! Jeeeez"

  12. The girls probably think all those boys are just crazy silly! Such foolishness, such carrying-on.....silliness!

    Cocedow: "co-see-doe" the little dance that ewes and rams do just prior to making wee lambkins.

  13. kATIE ~ I DID tell you! I'm not sure where I wrote it, but I distinctly remember writing that that lovely little golden ewe is DAZZLE.

    I think you're right, Barb! As soon as the snow is gone, I'm going to put the boys in a separate paddock. I think I'll leave the wethers in with the ewes as the rams tend to bully them...

  14. Anonymous11:50 PM

    I was just scrolling back through the pictures and I was struck by how much Princess is starting to look like Alice, especially in the first 2 photos of this post! She even has the Alice head tilt and "smile"!

    Katie, in MN

    impighobn - not quite sure of the exact definition, but I'll bet it is hiding in one of the mystery tupperwares in the waaaaaaay back of my fridge.....

  15. Ok since I love games I am going to give it a shot!
    Tina xo
    strigabu a bust rig...another word for bra



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