Sunday, February 20, 2011

And the Winners are....

Mom says we're  the winners because we have great friends like YOU!
Thank you for joining our family and following along with A Shepherd's Voice!

Since Mom did promise some prizes, here we go:

For her incredible  knowledge of all things Bluff Country,
Jean, from MN. has won herself one of the
limited edition
DREAM figurines!

Congratulations, Jean and thanks for being such a loyal follower!

Late last night, I googled a 'random number selector' and it drew the comment made by TheCrazySheepLady ~ of "Punkins Patch"


Send me your snail mail address Sara and I'll
get your "sheep on a cart" out to you!

As a special thank you to our 100th 'follower',
Patrice will be receiving her choice of shape and fragrance in a bar of homemade goat milk soap.  Welcome to "our family" ~ I'll need your info to get that in the mail to you, Patrice.

I do want to apologize for taking SO long to get this post up today!
I must have partied too hard yesterday!  I actually slept until NOON!
That is just not heard of around here.

And then, I woke up to
Thunder Snow!!!

The Piggles desperately trying to get into the chicken coop, while I was out feeding animals and gathering eggs when the snow let up!

DREAM says...

"Aren't you supposed to EAT those Piggles or something???"



  1. Anonymous5:33 AM

    Thank you Nancy! I enjoy following all the adventures you and your animals have.

    Jean - MN

  2. Yay! Congratulations to all!

    Silly Dream! Those piggles are cute but I wouldn't want them in my barn! hee hee They look like trouble! xxxx oooo

  3. Congratulations to the winners, you are so lucky ladies!
    I have to admit though that visiting and seeing those sweet faces is a great way to start the week! Have a wonderful week guys!
    Tina xo

  4. You're still up to your knees in snow, I see.
    Congratulations to the winners today!

  5. HAHAHA! Dream that was a good one :) ... although, have you ever heard of something called "mutton"??

  6. Oh my, you're going to have to stop posting pix of the cute, furry pigs, because I want a few.



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