Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Well, I ain't dead yet!

Which, after the week I've just had, is somewhat of a surprise.
OK.  Maybe I'm exaggerating a  tiny bit, but I was one, SICK Shepherdess!

Yesterday, I actually got out and sat with my critters!
And that was only partially because once I got out there, I had to sit down or I felt like I would pass out.

Everyone came up to check on me when I sat down next to the Calf Hut.

A couple of the girls seemed to have their 'noses a bit out of joint' over my long absence:

I won't mention any names...

Let's just say that I'm a tad nervous over a budding friendship that seems to be developing.

I was slouched against   leaning against the calf hut and looked up to see...

DAISY kitty!

She was enjoying her perch above the rest of the animals.

Snuggling with my girls is JUST what the doctor ordered!


(Dream to Kiss)
 "Get those PIGGLES out of here!  We're not sharing Mom today!!"

"Let's go Piggles, Dream says you can visit with Mom some other time..."

Poor Piggles!

We won't mention how much Kiss really loves to chase them!

"Who, ME???"

DREAM says...

"Welcome baaaaaaaaaack Mom!"
"I missed ewe!"

I missed you too, Dreamer.  In fact, I missed ALL my girls.
Even the Piggles!



  1. I want to say a big THANK YOU to each of you for all the concern and well wishes while I was sick. I think I am just now coming out of about the worst flue I've ever had! Thanks for all the good thoughts and kind offers of help! You guys are the BEST! I am truly blessed...

  2. Glad you are finally starting to feel a bit better. I miss my "critter family" so much when I don't see 'em on a regular basis, tho the expressions you captured really tell us how they feel.

  3. You sound like what I had last week when i went to the doctor. i had to do chores and would pass out nearly from being so dizzy. Whatever it is, its making its rounds! Feel better soon my friend!

  4. I'm so glad you're baAaAaAaAaAck :)

  5. Be careful you don't over do it. My brother was really sick for about a week. Felt better and went back to his old ways and today he is too sick to post!
    Take care of yourself, Nancy. Your family and friends need you. ♥ :-)

  6. I definitely had the dizziness too, Garrett! Between feeling like I was tipping over, unbelievable body aches (everything hurt!) and fever with chills, I was about as out of it as I've been for a while! I'm glad that You're feeling better!

    Thank you Marilyn! I'm glad to BE back..

    You're right Linda ~ I do have to be careful about that. My tendency is to want to dive right in and try to get caught up on everything that I DID NOT DO while I was sick. Fortunately, all it takes is one dizzy spell, and I remember just how sick I was. I do NOT want to go back to that place again!

  7. Glad to hear your feeling better.

  8. This post made me laugh loud enough that hubby had to come read it too...I love how they all lined up to see you...I can't wait until we have our own flock...Thank you for sharing the joy of yours with us until then.

    Hope you are feeling well and rested soon.

    Blessings Kelsie

  9. I love, love, love the head on pic with the ball of sheep and those sweet wee legs poking out! lol
    Those faces are priceless!

  10. I'm soooo glad you're feeling better! And yes - don't overdo things.

    Nancy in Iowa

  11. Im so sad you had to be that sick without someone there to coddle you. I still want you with me when I get sick :( I am VERY glad you're on the mend though, but please don't push yourself! Your sheepies... and cats and piggles (i love that! piggles!) look obviously happy to see you healthier too! I love how they stood in line!! Gorgeous pictures, thank you for venturing out there :)

  12. Nancy, despite feeling terrible, you continue to take amazing pictures, so I'm glad that part of you isn't feeling badly!! :-)) I do so hope you are on the mend and past the worst of all of this!! Spring is around the corner and you need your health so you can get out and enjoy it!! TAKE CARE and know that I'm sending healing energy, especially energy, in your direction!!!

  13. Glad you are feeling better nancy!!! you have such pretty animals and are a great photographer!!!

  14. Hello Nancy!
    I've just come over from Amy's at Verde Farm to visit your sweet farm. LOVE your animals. I'm sorry to read that you've been sick...must be that bad flu that's going around. I'm glad you're still alive ;) and I hope you're feeling back to normal soon. Looks as though I'm not the only one! Take care.
    Maura :)



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