Saturday, February 05, 2011

Seeing Double???

I thought I might have a hard time telling Hero and Echo apart, now that the entire flock is together.

I'm doing okay with knowing which is which but I can't get the right NAME out ~ EVER!!

I was actually pretty amazed at how easily these two accepted each other.  The either ignored each other or casually checked one another out.

I never even saw a serious head-on collision!

Of course, I'm not mentioning how Hero did with Polar Bear or Razz...

DREAM says...

"Get lost kid!"

The GAME is still on!
Don't forget to leave a comment and include the random letters that you have to copy, along with the definition for the "word" they make.  Click "GAME", above, to see the  full rules.

I'll announce what the prize will be on Monday!


  1. No wonder you get them mixed up!

    Undicat (undi cat).......I am giggling too much to define this, I'm going to leave this alone.

  2. Anonymous6:59 PM

    Hi Nancy,
    Such fine rams and I am VERY impressed by Polar Bear's horn growth. I'm trying to catch up on your blog--last week spend 5 days in Holmen taking care of the 4 grandkids--Russ and I were tired when it was done, but it was fun and we got to know each in a new way--their habits, likes, dislikes, schools, etc.


    Terchib--a little bitty comment posted by Terry after she's been "off-blog" for awhile!

  3. Can you introduce us to all your rams this season? I mean, i can easily see the difference in hero and echo, one has all white front legs and the other's are just socks... but i don't really remember hero, and i only know echo because of dream. Bear i know from a recent post and his cool horns, but who's razz!? And i havent read the game blog yet.. i originally thought corinne was a little nutso, but seeing terry's post too, i figured it out. :)


    Corinne really is a little nutso, Katie! I wish she could come up when you're home. You'd love her.

    I'm thinking you should call me and tell me your news...


  5. 2 peas in a pod there!!

  6. Oh Tonia ~ you forgot to put your letters and the definition of the word that you makeup from them!

    Anybody that didn't see yesterday's post should check out the comments ~ there are some great definitions over there!

  7. Don't feel bad about not getting the names straight. I only had two children and I couldn't keep their names straight either. Every time I called one I would use the other ones name. It's the same with sheep. LOL!

    Chewead; ( chu-we-ad) Old English word meaning to bite into.

  8. What beautiful boys... and as was mentioned earlier, the leg markings would be my identifier, but who knows if you'd see the legs if you were scolding someone... LOL

    gobanden: slang for "go band and"... definition for banding sheep's tails or male-parts AND moving on to the next one.

  9. Too bad they don't chew gum.....there could be a tv commercial in their future!

  10. I keep forgetting to put my "word" in....I am a creature of habit and after comment it's "hit the post comment" button and I'm off to something else. Hopeless!

    My word is "Rearboa" you really want a definition of this one?!?!? OK..

    "Rearboa"....a new fashion statement. Instead of wearing a boa around the neck one simply places the boa...well...uh...uuhhmmm....elsewhere. A tail sort of thing. It allows one to be rather sassy. Rearboa.

  11. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Hero has the most incredible THICK horns! They almost look thicker than Bear's, but I doubt it. I can't wait to see him when they get a full curl! He is gonna be something! Wish teenaged boy's wrists were that thick... maybe we wouldn't be dealing with casts and pain pills.

    Katie in MN

    Xambon - (ZAM-bon) The poor man who runs out onto the ice with a garden hose during small-town hockey games, slipping and sliding and faling on his assets, trying to get a fresh layer of smooth ice between games.

  12. Wow, they really are twins, aren't they? Very handsome boys, though!

    Ninail - manicure, 10% off

  13. Actually, Hero and Echo are not related at all. I leased Hero from a friend in Iowa and Echo is my breeding...

    I'm having a blast with this game! You guys are hysterical...



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