Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Mixed Feelings...

It is with very mixed feelings that I am announcing  the adoption of my very first Rescue dog.

 I got a call the other day from a friend of mine who moved to Rochester, MN. a while back.  She had seen my blog and FaceBook page with the pictures and stories about Jazz and Jethro.  

Apparently, Virginia did the same thing that I had done:
She fell in love with Jazz the first time she saw her!

Virginia said that she had been thinking about getting a dog for quite some time.  We talked long and hard about what a commitment getting a dog is.  I want Jasmine to have a home for LIFE!
She deserves a Forever Home, where she is part of the family and could no more be discarded or left behind or chained outside than a young child could!

Virginia called me back a couple of days later to tell me that she had dreamed about Jazz.  That she knew, in her heart, that Jazz is meant to be her dog!

Now, that's all well and good and I should have been rejoicing,  Right?  Then how come I felt so SAD???   Because I  love Jazz!  She wormed her way quite deeply into my heart the very first night that I had her at my home.  I really did think that perhaps I would keep her forever!

Virginia and her significant other and his young daughter came to see Jazz yesterday.  She adored them and they her.  When Virginia walked to the front door, as if she was going to leave, Jazz eagerly accompanied her and stood happily at the door, wagging her tail as if she was going with Virginia.

And so she did.
Good bye my Beautiful Jasmine!  I know that you will be loved and cherished as you so deserve.  You'll be the star and get all of the attention.  It's what I want for you.  Just know, that if there is ever ANY reason why things aren't working out for you with your new family, you will always have a home, here with me!

I love you, you big, beautiful, goofy hound!

Don't worry.  I'll be OK.  But I do miss Jazz.  A LOT!
I know that I did the right thing by placing her with Virginia.  And I'm doing a follow-up home visit in two weeks ~ just to make sure that it's a 'good fit.  I'll do home visits (as I will with all of the dogs that I place in adoptive homes) at one month, six months and one year.  Part of the adoption contract states that if for any reason Virginia is  ever not able to keep Jazz, she is to be returned to me.  I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen but it's good to know that Jazz will never have to worry about be left chained outside again.

Now I  have room to rescue another needy dog!

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