Tuesday, December 20, 2011

CLEARLY, I am insane!

FIVE dogs in the house???
I MUST be nuts!

Meet "Jill"

I absolutely adore her!

But she is a PUPPY.

ALL puppy!

Who has reminded "Cisco" that he's not all that far from being a puppy himself...

And then there is "BoGo"
(the Old Soul)

This chubby, Aussie-cross is such a sweet, kind, gentle dog!
(no, that's not a growth ~ he's chewing on a bone)

He quietly sits before me and just waits for me to pet him, or comes up and lays his head gently on my lap.   If ever there was a dog who lived to be loved, it is Bogo!

The resident pooches have amazed me with how well they have taken all of the commotion and upheaval in their happy home...



I am so proud of how tolerant my girls have been of the crazy newcomers!  Sable actually PLAYS with Jill and although Bella makes nasty noises at almost everybody, I have caught her 'flirting' with BoGo.

This afternoon, my realtor/best friend will be showing my house.
I know.
I'll probably be sitting out in the barn with five dogs...

Five dogs really is a lot in one house.
I'll probably look to set up a couple of them into foster care until we find 'forever homes' for them.   Then again!  It IS Christmas...
And I do have THREE Grandsons...


Don't worry Meem ~ I know that I'm the only lunatic in the family!

P.S.  For those who may be wondering, Jethro has totally taken over his Forever Home with my sister, Penny!  She fell in love with him on the day we  picked him up in Milwaukee and her husband and kids now love him as well.  Jethro is one, HAPPY boy!

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