Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's GOOD to be ALIVE!

I had a spectacular day, playing outside with the dogs, yesterday.  Jill and BoGo and Cisco just ran and ran and ran!  It's as if they are making up for all the time that they spent in cages or shelters or cars.  My Bella and Sable have accepted the three rescues as 'part of the family'.

BoGo and Jill have appointments with the veterinarian this morning.  Once they've recovered from their surgery, they'll be ready to move into Foster or Forever Homes!  As much as it is incredibly difficult to see "one of my babies" leave, I know that the best thing for each of them is to have their own home where they will be loved and can give all the love that their hearts are overflowing with!  Plus, then I have room to rescue another dog facing death in a 'shelter'!

I'll be updating the Bluff Country Canine Rescue Blog as well as the BCCR Facebook page later today....


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