Saturday, December 03, 2011

Laughter then smiles...

I'm getting forgetful in my old age.
I may have posted this video before.  I really can't remember!  But I watched it again on UTube and laughed so hard that all the dogs came running and were all concerned that something was wrong because I was laughing so hard that I was choking!

This could be titled:  "How NOT to promote dogs looking for adoption"
I swear, I've seen this before (and read the comments from the curmudgeon dog experts) and it still makes me laugh until I'm crying and coughing and almost pee my pants!

I SWEAR,  Jethro is almost as bad as that Pit!  He's got a tongue as fast as a frog's...
Now that we've all had a good laugh.  As we catch our breath and wipe the tears from our eyes and try to convince the animals and people who came into the room to see what the heck was so funny, I'll give you a bit of a breather.

I sought out this video and chose to post it in honor of two cyber friends.  Both found solace in the first song, one specifically recommended this version. 

For John and Kim (with love in my heart!)

The fundraising campaign (see sidebar) is going well but please don't let it stop!  Every single donation helps me to rescue innocent, loving dogs from shelters where they face euthanazia!  Imagine how good you'll feel by helping to save a dogs life.  Think of all the joy that dog could bring into the life of some individual or family someday.  Please "share the love" and make a donation today.

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