Monday, December 12, 2011

Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!!!!

I want to say Thank You VERY much to those of you who have generously donated to Bluff Country Canine Rescue! This is our first fundraiser and I'm SO happy to see the dollars coming in. I've got 3 or 4 new dogs coming next week (since I've already found loving, "forever" homes for my first two rescues). Three of the new pups will need spaying/neutering and they'll all need vet checks and heartworm medication! The only way that this rescue will be able to keep on saving the lives of wonderful, deserving canines is if people like you continue to support us.

(Boxer cross)
I can't wait to meet this girl!
Can you believe that she was scheduled to die on Monday, 12/12?

UPDATE:  Tetra will NOT be coming to the Bluff Country after all.  It seems that someone in North Carolina also offered to rescue her and it will be easier for Tetra not to have to travel so far since it won't be essential to saving her life.  HAVE A WONDERFUL LIFE, TETRA!!!

(Pointer cross)
The handsome brute!
Also scheduled for euthanasia tomorrow.
Cisco will be arriving next Saturday (12/12)

(Shepherd cross)
Just LOOK at that face!
How could they kill her?
Who WOULDN'T want to adopt Jill?

I hope  you realize that together we are saving
these loving animals lives!
My hope is that they will bring many years of LOVE into
some lucky people's world.
They may be coming to my house,
but I couldn't do it without YOU!

P.S.  I've got the BCCR  Blog/website under construction! 
It should be up and running in the next day or two...

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