Wednesday, January 19, 2011

In a Pig's Eye...  defines "in a pigs eye" as: 
very unlikely.

I suppose it is fair to say that the odds of a certain shepherdess driving a metal rod into her eye, while chasing a chicken, would be 'very unlikely'.

Yet, I managed to do it.

Please trust me when I tell you that a metal rod, through the eyelid and scraping the eye ball is excruciatingly painful!  I think I stood there, holding my head and screaming, for about five minutes, before I could even move.

The pain was so intense that I was nauseous.

I (selfishly) did not want to call an ambulance so I called my oldest daughter, Pam.
I knew that Pam ~ being a full-time working mother of three extremely active boys, with lessons here, there and everywhere on any given night ~ would have nothing better to do than leave work early and drive 45 miles out in the middle of nowhere to take her mutilated mother to the doctor.

Of course Pam, being my "Princess" insisted that it was "no trouble at all".  That she was sorry I was hurt but glad for the excuse to spend time with me! 

Do I have great kids or what:?

(I love you Princess)

The eye doctor 'numbed' the area and then proceeded to clean up the eye and lid.  I swear, it felt like he was poking glass INTO my eye!

Luckily for me, the iron rod had pierced my eye lid, just below the socket, but only scratched the surface of the eye ball itself.  Although, I'll never understand how the hole in my eye lid is above the eye but the scratches on the eye ball are on the bottom...?

A thorough cleaning, antibiotics and a tetanus shot later and Pam & I were free to leave!

We stopped at a local restaurant for a quick bite to eat and then hurried home, just in time to watch "The Bachelor".

As you can see, Holly and Ivy are growing rapidly.  I am VERY much enjoying having pigs and think that they will be ready to move out into the barn soon.  It will be fun to see them interacting with the sheep.

DREAM says...

"In a Pig's Eye!!! "


  1. Thank God you will be all right!
    Anything that touches the eye hurts like crazy. It's probably more that the rod went through your eyelid than scratching your eye, but still.

    I'm sure your daughter said 'Be more careful'?
    No one wants to lose you!

    *Hugs* ♥

  2. Oh my gosh Nancy, I'm so glad you are ok. Hope you've gotten some relief from the pain by now.
    I agree with Linda, we don't want anything happening to you.

  3. Hey Nancy, my husband carries some drops in his truck that numbs eyeballs. Can't send you any since treating a person would be malpractice (fortunately, that doesn't apply to the vet's wife), but surely the MD has something like that s/he could prescribe?

  4. The doctor did send me home with some ointment. The pain is MUCH better now. The eye just feels 'sticky'. It LOOKS pretty disgusting but at least it's not that painful anymore.

    Thanks for the good thoughts!

  5. Oh that really must of hurt.. Glad it ended up with just a light scratch on the eye itself.
    Eye's are remarkable, they heal so quickly.
    Loved seeing the pigs..and Dreamer saying "In a Pigs Eey'... Lol.. Great post today and glad you are O.K. Daughters are so wonderful..I have 2...
    Have a tiggeriffic day~! ta ta for now from Iowa

  6. Lucky you! Eye injuries are BAD! You should post pictures!!

  7. Oh it sounds just awful Nancy! What a nice daughter you have. Hope you're feeling (and looking)better soon.

  8. oh dear nancy!! glad you are ok other than the cuts/scratches!! feel better soon!

  9. Good Grief!! So glad you did not damage your eye. I have had a few eye experiences, not good. Your piggies are growing and they are so cute!! Take care of yourself.

  10. Anonymous10:49 AM

    I love you too Mom! :)

  11. So sorry you had to hurt your eye but your post's ending is very funny. It came around full circle very nicely. I hope you heal up soon and are more careful around metal rods.

  12. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Yikes! Heal fast! I'm hoping the pain and stickiness goes away soon!


    Katie in MN

  13. oh no! I'm so glad it wasn't worse! Nothing like explaining to the doctor that you were chasing a chicken!

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. I'm so thankful you are alright Nancy! What a horrible experience.

  16. Those pigs are gorgeous!
    Ouch, ouch, ouch, I'm so sorry you hurt yourself. Please be kind to yourself and get better SOON. You really didn't want to do that.
    Blessings in abundance!

  17. well your youngest daughter sure says "please be more careful Mama!" I sure don't want to lose you. I'm once again, so grateful for Pam. I wish so much that I could be there too, for the good times and fun restaurant dates, and the bad times. Well, I'll look forward to my next visit at least, and meeting the piggies!

  18. My eye hurt just reading this! Gosh, I am glad your ok....gee both of us seem to be having great weeks;) And those pigs are just way too much fun Nancy!

  19. Marilyn10:56 PM

    After finishing the reading and being glad that you didn't do major damage to has to ask....what were you going to do to that chicken that you were chasing with a metal rod?

    p.s...those pigs are so cute!

  20. I can't believe I missed checking on you yesterday - what a pain that must have been! I'm so glad Pam was available and that you saw the dr. so quickly. Be careful out there!

    Nancy in Iowa

  21. I wasn't actually chasing the chicken with a metal rod. I had left the door to the chicken's cage open (she's in a quarantine cage in my garage) and she got out. As I bent down to pick her up off the floor, she started to run from me and I lunged at her...

    In the semi darkness of the garage (not to mention the MESS!) I didn't realize that Miss Pullet was hiding under a metal display rack and as I lunged for her, I went face first into one of the metal arms that sticks out. I can't think clearly enough to try to describe the rack but the part that I rammed into my eye is about 2 feet long, bare, black iron and about the width of a size 5 knitting needle...


  22. Well, you were very lucky!



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