Friday, January 14, 2011

Working on that Happy List!

Just a quick note as I have to run for a doctor appointment.  I wanted to let everyone know that I still plan on expanding my Happy List!  I've got SO many more things to add.  It takes me a while to go through all my photos to find the ones to fit each post...  ;-)

Regarding my dealings with the Electric Company:  I'm kind of embarrassed that I even posted about the situation with my Electric bill ~ sometimes I'm a bit too forthright!  That being said, I want to thank you for the words of encouragement and support.  Please know that God is watching over me and my animals and we WILL be fine.

As much as I'd like to just drop the topic (and intend to do so), I am thinking that I should clarify the 'cold weather protection' that people assume (as I did) that they have regarding their heat/electric in the winter months. At least in Minnesota, it appears that as long as the Utility Co. follows the proper procedures, they CAN disconnect the flow. They have to give you written notice and suggest places that one can possibly get help. There are forms one can fill out to request emergency assistance. Unfortunately, when my depression kicks in ~ I shut down. I don't fill out forms. I don't make phone calls or answer messages or emails. I withdraw. I don't even open my mail. Which, of course, is the worst thing I could possibly do! So, I missed all the warnings and didn't respond to their repeated attempts to contact me. It was my own fault. It becomes a vicious cycle because I get so angry with myself for not just filling out the stupid forms or making a phone call ~ but I truly can't MAKE myself do it.   Of course the company to whom I owe money becomes increasingly demanding in their contact with me (the note delivered by the kind many at the door) which only makes me shut down more and want to 'hide'. 

So ~ if you ever (heaven forbid!) find yourself in a similar situation, don't assume that you are protected.  Don't try to hide.  Face it early on ~ before it gets overwhelming and ask for help if you need to.  Above all else, have faith that things will  get better.  We're not alone.
 And that's enough said about that.

DREAM says...

"Of COURSE you're not alone, silly!
You'll always have ME!"

I am truly blessed!



  1. That is a different look for Dreamer; I LIKE it!

  2. Our electric company offers a "third party contact"...maybe you should get one of those for the times you can't handle it!!

  3. Please don't be embarrassed, we have all been there at least once. You do the best you can with what the good Lord gives us. No shame in that whatsoever.
    Dreamers new "good grief, you know I love you" look is wonderful. I'm with Michelle, I like it.

  4. I agree with Kelly. Winter is my hardest season of the year...I'm already whining about the cold and snow, as if that helps. Sigh.

  5. Ah, but Ladies...I'm a firm believer that whining is good for you!

    I think it counts as exercise or something...

  6. Whining is allowed....once in a while. It relieves the tension created by incessantly having to be "politically correct".
    LOVE your sheep photos....



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