Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Visit...

Now girls, we're going to have some visitors this afternoon.
I'd like you to be on your BEST behavior.

They better bring cookies!

I'm not sharing my hay!

Did someone say COOKIES???

Oh, this is NOT going to be pretty!

I love the visual reference of the pigs with the sheep. You can see how tiny the Guinea Hogs are. Holly (the larger of the two, weighs 36 pounds and Ivy (yellow ear tag) weighs 30 pounds. They may be short, but they are plenty solid!

The sheep weren't actually 'chasing' the piglets, they were more curious. Of course, the piglets didn't know that and were afraid of the sheep. But the biggest scaredy cat of all was..

If the piglets so much as looked in his direction, he'd hightail it for the barn!

Which of course led to...

Now piglets, let's not traumatize poor Duke.

Come on girls...

Back in the pig barn for an afternoon snack!

DREAM says...

"WHAT is this world coming to???"


  1. Poor Duke..... you just never know what's going to invade your space at the farm.
    This is a great post. I love the little pigs. They remind me of my corgis a bit because of their low center of gravity and short legs.We call them "footballs".
    Your sheep are just beautiful. I wish I had more fencing and out buildings. We have goats but I would love to have some sheep.
    I'm learning to felt and have become obsessed with fleece and what I can do with it.
    Do you sell you fleece? It looks like your sheep have an abundance of it. Tell the sheep that I will exchange cookies for fleece. LOL!

  2. Sorry...."Do you sell YOUR fleece."

  3. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Farmlady - if you click on her "Sheep Hugs and Soap Suds" icon on the upper left of the blog, it will take you to her store where she sells fleece and yarn and all sorts of other wonderful things! :) I love the comparison to Corgis! That is exactly what they remind me of! Little low-rider bundles of energy!
    Katie in MN

  4. Anonymous12:23 PM

    CORRECTION - Upper RIGHT corner.

  5. Ooo! Piggies in the pasture! I like the galloping photo! I want video and sound next time! Tee hee!

  6. Anonymous2:07 PM

    Awwww..... poor Duke! I love the pic of Dreamer with her head down, ready to do battle... she says sooooo much with her body language and expressions!

    Katie in MN

  7. Duke is magnificient! What a beauty!
    And boy, do those piggies look solid for sure!
    But my favorite is your faithful doggie 'herding' the piggies! :)

    Have a lovely day!

  8. Those pigs are getting dominant! Soon they'll be taking over the running of your farm! Gorgeous though they are.

  9. Hi Nancy! Great pictures--Hope you've had a good afternoon and had some cookies to boot! :-)

  10. Was Sable really "herding" them!?! That's so cool :)

  11. Poor Duke - what a trauma!!

    Lucky the piggies are small and young - I dread thinking what the clever little dickens would do with the sheep if they had the upper hand! (probably tell them horror stories at night, so that they couldn't sleep...)

    I hope your weekend was lovely - I was thinking of you, and hoping that you were taking some time to put your feet up and have a cuppa!!



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