Saturday, January 08, 2011

There's a New Boy in town...
Dreamcatcher Hero!

I have so much to tell you.

It'll have to wait until tonight!

I'm having some friends over to spin this afternoon.

And my house is a mess!

He's in with Kiss and Princess!

DREAM says...

"NICE NAME!  But, I'm kind of busy right now.."

"My hero (for this year anyway!), "Echo", won't let me out of the barn!"
giggle, giggle giggle!


  1. Well I guess you'll be marking the calendar for June lambs this year Nancy.
    Dreamcatcher Hero reminds me so much of the HST ram I used a few years ago, Minewawe Donder. You should have plenty of spotted lambs this year!

  2. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Ohhh! He is beautiful! Reminds me a lot of Dreamer and Echo. Beautiful lines.... what is his wool like? Does he have a moon-spot on his chest, or is it just the belly white coming up? I'll have to come down and meetthe new gentleman soon. Have fun spinning! I need to talk to you about some soap...


    Katie in MN

  3. Very nice looking ram, Nancy. :-)

  4. Hes very nice nancy! :) i see miss dream is going to make us wait until june to see her babies ;)

  5. Aaaawwww, I think he's settling into his new digs with his new friends quite nicely!!

  6. he is very handsome, i guess, in a sheepie way??? Im excited for lambs!!!

  7. Becky ~ I'm thinking lambing is going to run from mid April until early June! I put Echo and Bear in with their girls at the end of November (right after (or was it before?) Thanksgiving. I'll have to check on here to see the exact date! ;-) I used Polar Bear on most of my girls and he's WHITE. So, we should definitely get some nice, white lambs as well!

    Katie W. You better get your butt down here and meet Hero! Dazzle has been feeling neglected as well. Plus, you really need to see how much fun Holly and Ivy are! I absolutely adore them but they ARE "little PIGS"!

    Thank you, Linda

    Mac ~ thanks. yes, Dreams seems to have a thing about being the center of attention. She wants to go last or have triplets. I'd be happy with her going last... ;-)

    Hi Kim ~ Hero is a very easy going ram lamb! A bit on the timid side, but I like that in a ram.

    You're right, my Beautiful Baby Girl. Hero is very handsome ~ "in a sheepy sort of way!" I'm especially pleased with his fleece. I needed to add a new bloodline to my breeding rams and when I saw this guy was available, I just couldn't resist.

  8. Hope you had fun with your spinning group! Someday I will make it up there to spin with you : (.

  9. Hero is beautiful! And I love the photos of you on Corinne's blog. I'm sure if Dream knew there would be cameras on hand, she would have insisted you take her with you! She'd like Iowa, I'm sure.

    Nancy (sheepless) in Iowa

  10. My goodness you are a busy traveling woman! Your lambs are going to be stunning! I wish spring would get here soon!

  11. I would love to go watch a spinning group.. I'm not sure we have one in our area of Iowa.
    I know you had lots of fun spinning and chatting with all that showed up..
    ta ta for now from Iowa

  12. Anonymous11:43 PM

    OK, I'll get down there SOON, I promise! Maybe next weekend, if Michael goes to his dad's. Poor Dazzle! I did sneak out briefly on my last visit, but she had a hard time getting special attention with everyone else crowding in! The pics from Corrine's house are a blast! I definitely want "in" on the next trip down. I'm sending you a private email about soap and things!

    Katie in MN

  13. What a handsome and sturdy looking young fellow!

  14. Those are some beautiful animals.....!
    (their faces are so beautiful!)
    You know, I said I wouldn't ever be interested in fiber straight from the sheep/goat but the more I investigate the more I'd like to wiggle my fingers in that hair! :)

  15. Oh, Mimi, there's nothing like having the whole fleece from a sheep! It really helps you make that connection to where the wool came from. Especially, if you get a photograph of the sheep whose fleece you purchased!



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