Sunday, January 16, 2011

The list just keeps on growing!

MORE things that make me happy...

*  Animals getting along

*  Black & White photography

*  my warm, fuzzy robe and lumberjack hat!
(Hey!  YOU try living in a house with the thermostat set at 50 degrees!)

*  Frosty Mornings

*  Cinnamon vanilla nut CAPPUCCINO
(LOTS of cinnamon vanilla nut cappuccino!)

*  my tree

*  Pumpkins for the sheep

*  Daisy on the lookout

*  Windchimes

*  Making Hay

*  Autum leaves

*  my electronic spinner

*  Home-grown herbs

Lest we forget...
*  Baby Dreamer!

Have you started YOUR happy list yet?
I'm not done yet but I don't want to bore you so perhaps I'll do something else tomorrow...


  1. I'm going to be looking for some nice warm bathrobes when we move to the farmhouse.
    Don't have thermostats there. ;-)

  2. That is some comfy robe :-) I've been living in one at home lately too here in New England.

  3. You don't hear me laughing, our thermostat mostly stays on 55 degrees, I sleep with my fuzzy boots on. Problem is, when I go to the office, paid for by tax payers, it's 75 degrees, I complain but, I'm just seen as a nag.

  4. I REALLY dislike to wear hats (don't like they way they feel), but if my thermostat was set at 50 I think I'd learn to adapt to one! My husband is always turning the thermostat UP; when he's gone, I turn it DOWN - or put another log on the fire. (Right now, the outside temperature here is higher than the inside of your house!)

  5. Nancy - Here's a story to make you happy: As you know, we have the 4mo old rescue kitten and the new 5wk old rescue kitten, both of whom feel it is their sacred right to tapdance all over my computer keyboard, changing settings left and right (and I have NO idea how to fix most of it... I just hope that another session of kitten toes will fix it.) Anyhow, I've been working at the computer most of the weekend, and I keep hearing "ching, ching" "ching, ching" at odd intervals, like a small metal bell is being bumped or rung. I have torn apart the kitchen, the bedroom, the bathroom, and stood shaking boxes in the living room trying to find it to Make. It. Stop. Not that the sound itself was unpleasant, but because I DIDN'T know where it was coming from or what was making it, I was a bit concerned.

    I just figured it out. Apparently one of the settings that got changed makes your Little Sheep on the right menu bar Ding-a-Ling like crazy!!! (The "Don't be sheepish, leave a comment" Sheep) And, since I always open your blog to go to the others that I read, your page is up ALOT.

    I sat here laughing for 5 minutes once I FINALLY figured it out. I was seriously beginning to think that the anxiety attacks and 3 weeks of insomnia had finally pushed me over the edge into full-on crazy.

    HUGS! Katie in MN

  6. BAHAHA!! When did you take those robe pictures! I love it!!! And i keep my thermostat at 50 too, ironic huh? I'm so glad your tree has made it through the sheepie attacks! And i take it you got more cappuchino ;)

    And Katie, I was chasing down the random ding-a-ling-a-ling too! Before you blame your kitties.. mom, did you change something?

  7. And now I realize what the two Katies are talking about - when I heard the tinkle sound earlier I thought my son was messing around with something - even though it sounded close and he was in another room!

  8. Anonymous7:07 PM

    Hi Nancy ,It's the Aussie Farmer,I was thinking about your 'power problem',down here you can go to the Salvation Army and the Red Cross with these sort of problems and they can often help,even pay all or part of the bill for you,regards frank,PS I replied under Anonymous because I don't know how to get a net name.Thank for for your kind thoughts last post!

  9. ;-)

    It's not my sheep with the bell, ladies.
    There IS a hint in this post though...

  10. The windchimes? AH HA! The KuruKuru Parts ad has an OFF button! That must be it!



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