Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm sorry for worrying you.

I didn't mean to drop that bomb about the electric company and then just leave you hanging.  Today was a very busy day.  I'll explain later, but I really need to get some sleep right now.
Just know that my power is still on and I've bought myself a little more time.

I am not ~ by any means ~ asking anyone to help me with this!  Things will work out the way that they are meant to.  I'm not giving up.  I've been in much worse situations in my lifetime and have always managed to put my life back together. 

When I get up, later on this morning, I'm going to
 continue my Happy Card.
I thought of so many more things, when I was posting the first part but didn't want to make it any longer!  I worry about my posts being too long and/or having too many pictures.

Happy DREAMs!

"Don't worry about us. 
 I've got everything figured out! 
I'm thinking Mom could always sell the CHICKENS  and the PIGS!"

It's so kind of you to think of ways to help, Dreamer but I think we'll be just fine...


  1. Anonymous4:42 AM

    Hi Nancy,hope you get on OK with the power company.Jenny and I are 'sheep farmers' in Australia.I was just 'surfing' around and came across your blog,regards frank.

  2. My lady has had to put her utility bill payments on her credit card for the past several months. Doesn't make them go away but gives her a little time and then a way to pay bit by bit. She suggested to me that I get on a treadmill and generate some electricity! Hmmmm. I didn't think that was a good idea. I don't think Dream would think this was a good idea either. !

  3. Hi Nancy! A busy week put me behind on blogs and I missed your last post about the electric company. While I've never met you, I can tell that you are a smart, determined and strong woman, which is why you've worked something out. I've been in similar circumstances many times and you are right, things do work out, especially when you have hope and faith that they will--And I found that when I do a bit of groveling and crying to the bill collectors, it can go a long way!! :-) Hang in there!!!

  4. Anonymous ~ I hope you are safe and on high ground there in Australia! What a tragedy so many people in your country are facing right now. It certainly puts my troubles in a different perspective...

    Isobelle ~ If only sweetness and charm would pay the bills! Your lady is indeed very rich because you are in her life. I don't think I'll mention the treadmill to Dream...

    Dear Kim. Thank you for the kind words of support and encouragement. I have learned that although I must do everything in my power to improve my 'situation', I am not alone. God is there to help me and it really shouldn't shock and amaze me when He does so.

    Today is a new day and I am HAPPY!

  5. We have State Laws to help in this situation under #27 Cold Weather Rule. I'm guessing you are protected in some fashion.

  6. Now Dream, don't go getting any ideas.



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