Sunday, January 09, 2011

Baby; it's COLD outside!

* as always, click on any image to enlarge *

The dogs don't seem to mind one bit!
Something across the road has their attention.

Although, if you look closely, you'll notice that Bella's butt isn't quite touching the ground!

Running keeps one warm!

What's that???

Sable hears or smells something!

Bella continues to explore the front pasture...

But not for long.
Time to go back inside, Mom!

 I'm with you, girls!

Have a great Sunday!


  1. Nancy, all I can say about your pictures is burrrr!!!!

  2. That's me, go outside, stretch, take care of a little business, and back inside the warm house.

  3. holy crap1 i actually got colder looking at those. that wind looks nasty!!!

  4. Brrrr the dogs are right in the wind. Makes me cold just looking at them. Here in Tennessee it was 25 degs this morning and the snow is coming tonight. I have no idea how much we'll get yet but summer seems a long way away!

  5. Hi! I came over from Chicken Boys. Took a look at both of your blogs.
    I love your dogs, your sheep, your chickens and your photography.. The dogs in the snowstorm is wonderful. I will be back.

  6. We're getting snow here, today, too!
    Happy Monday to you! :-)

  7. Great pictures Nancy! Really makes you feel cold just looking, but also the dogs are so exuberant.
    It's fixin' to get cold here too (dropping into the single digits over the next few days.) Right now it's snowing.

  8. Those are the days when mine comes in and immediately climbs up on the couch to snuggle! lol

  9. A nice and warm 20 deg. here today. Are you getting snow yet? 6-9" forecast! Gotta love Minnesota! Glad the dogs have fun in the snow...



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