Monday, January 17, 2011

I have a Confession to make...

I am SO bad.
There's this evil, little part of me,
deep down inside, that just can't resist the temptation
of pulling something over on someone.  At least once in a while!


Several people commented, on yesterday's post, that they heard a bell tinkling but couldn't find the source.  After looking all over the rooms that they were in, a few decided that it must be the 'comment sheep' in my side bar.  She wears a bell on her collar and perhaps that is the culprit making the noise.

Not the sheep. 
Good guess though.

The truth is, I did unto you, what was done unto me.
While blog browsing, the other day, I too heard a gentle bell chiming.  I heard it several times before I began to wonder where the sound was coming from.  I looked around my office.  Then I looked around my office again.  Still couldn't determine the source of the ringing. 

Not that it was an unpleasant sound.  In fact, it was a soft, gentle sound.  Like wind chimes, barely stirring in the summer breeze.  One of my cats wears a collar with a bell on it and she was sitting on my computer desk.  (I suspect that she was rather amused by my frantic searching, every time I heard that bell ringing.)  I wiggled the bell on her collar, several times, to see if it was making the noise.  A completely different sound. 

After several minutes (that seemed like MUCH longer) of looking all over my office, I finally found the source of the 'tinkling'.  It was located on the sidebar of the blog I was reading (sorry ~ I can't remember which one it was!) and was a wind chime!   

As I've already stated, I love wind chimes.  In fact, I have several in my house and a big one out by the sheep barn.  When ever I hear the gentle music of the one in my dining room, I think of "fairy dust" being magically sprinkled about my home.  I know ~ it sounds silly ~ but that's what I think!

I had to laugh at myself and my frantic searching for the source of the delicate sound so decided that I would add a wind chime to my blog as well.  And hide it, WAY down on my sidebar.  I know.  I'm bad.  I'm apparently one of those wicked people who take pleasure in eliciting reactions from people ~ even when I won't be there to see the reaction. 

But, it was such fun when you started to leave comments about hearing a bell ringing...


Have a wonderful day!

DREAM says...

"...You get used to it and don't even hear it, after a while..."


  1. Hehe. Wonderful! :-)

  2. sneaky mama!! well, you did indeed pull one over on us, or most of us at least. but just remember, now you're a prime target for attack ;)

  3. I was wondering :-) sounds like an angel is getting his wings

  4. Sneaky.... lol
    But thinking that the faeries are sprinkling faerie dust is NEVER silly! :)

  5. Anonymous3:01 PM

    Oh -- that's what that was -- you got me but good (thought my stuffed sheep were doing it)


  6. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Oh, so nice! Mess around with the crazy person! I spent 2 days going nuts with that bell before I decided to post about the noises! I thought I'd finally lost my (admittedly slight) grasp on reality! ;)
    Well, as your BBG said, beware! You are now a target! hehehehehehehe!!! :)

    Love ya!

    Katie in MN

  7. My question is how the heck did you figure out how to get such a thing without reading japanese??

  8. What I miss, having my sound turned off :-)

  9. I was a bit perplexed as to where that sound was coming from but eventually realized it was your blog. I luv it!!



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