Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm making a Happy Card.

 *Because I used SO many photos in this post (even for me),  I kept them all 'small' ~  you can click on any image to biggify it.

I just read a wonderful post at Chickens in the Road  that discusses happiness and what makes us happy.  As soon as I read it, I knew that I wanted to make a "Happy Card" as well as 'pay it foreward' by blogging about the same topic and sharing the link to Suzanne's post.  Good timing.

Before I could even pull up Blogger to begin this post, my dogs started barking.  Then the doorbell rang.  It was a nice man from the Electric Company coming to give me written notice that if I don't pay my electric bill, in full, today, they will be disconnecting my service at noon tomorrow.   The note also indicated that a $50 charge has been added to the bill for the trip the nice gentleman made to my home today. 

OK.  So, I've got to figure out a way to fix this.  I'll figure out something.  I always do!  I haven't frozen to death yet and I'm not about to now...

Back to the topic of this post:  Making the CHOICE to be happy.  Today, I chose to be happy.  I have so much to be grateful for in my life.  So many sources of joy and love!  As Suzanne suggests in her blog post, I'm going to make a list.  Suzanne suggests listing ten things that make you happy.  If you have a difficult time thinking of ten things, WRITE DOWN TWENTY!   I'm just going to write down what ever comes to mind ~ in no particular order:

*  my Children

Pam, Ben and Katie.  Only another mother can understand how much joy, love, pride and happiness one's children can bring into their lives.  My kids are my best friends.  I am so proud of the loving and kind adults that all three of them have matured into.  I hope that they know how much they make my heart smile!

*  my Grandsons
Watching these three boys grow up and seeing the joy that they bring to their parents' lives is like the "frosting on the cake" of having children.   I couldn't be more proud of the kind, respectful young men that they are becoming. 

*  my Brothers and Sisters
Even though we don't see each other often, Bob, Russ, Peggy, Billy Penny ~ I thank God that you are my family!  Your love and the past that we share is a part of my very being.  I feel stronger when we are together. 

*  my Dogs 

My beautiful "Bellamica" and big-hearted "Sable" bring me daily joy!  From their gentleness with my other animals to their companionship when I go to bed at night.  They make my life brighter.  And there is nothing like unconditional love to make one happy!

*  my Cats

They keep the rodent population under control and entertain me daily!  There's just something about hearing a cat purr than makes me feel so peaceful.

*  my Sheep
I'm not sure that there is anything I can say about my sheep and the joy that they bring to me, that you don't already know!  If you have any doubts, what-so-ever, start here

*  my Guinea Hogs
It is absolutely impossible for me to interact with these fat, little creatures without smiling and laughing!  They were a good choice...

*  my Chickens

Although, they're not particularly 'affectionate', my chickens can make me laugh and I am certainly proud of the lovely flocks that I am developing.  Another species that is both beautiful and highly entertaining!

*  my Friends
Cork, Linda, Kate, Doc  ~ I think you have to know how blessed I feel to have you in my life.  I will never be alone, nor will life ever be 'hopeless', as long as you are in this world. 
Friends from grade school, high school, college, work, blogging, etc.,  each brings a bit of happiness into my life ~ be it through comfort and support, or laughter, inspiration,  motivation, kindness, gentle criticism when called for, camaraderie and often even love. 

*  my Home 
I love my peaceful little world in my beautiful, little valley!  I feel safe and protected here.  I feel at peace.  (Well ~ MOST of the time)   

* my Jeep!
I know ~ it seems silly.  My Jeep is a 1994 model with well over 200,000 miles on it, but I love it.  There is something about it that makes me feel safe.  Even if I am terrified of driving on icy roads.  Or at night.  Or if it's raining.  Or the road is curvy.  Or.....

*  my Blog
Amazingly enough, this blog has become a very important part of my life.  It makes me feel connected.  Like people care.  Like they like me.  (can you tell I just had an appointment with my therapist, yesterday???)  This blog is my way of sharing my life and my world with others.  It helps me to understand myself and it chronicles events that I have lived through ~ be they good or bad.  I've found that it's very interesting ~ sometimes joyful, sometimes sad ~ to go back and read my posts from years ago.  I remember the feelings and the emotions from those times.  I've been there before and most likely will be there again.

*  my Beautiful Baby Girl is getting Married
I am so happy that Katie has found love.  That she has chosen the man that she will share the rest of her life with.  There is nothing in this world that brings me more happiness, than to know that my children are happy.

*  my Backyard in the Summertime
And of course....

"You might think I'd be upset because I'm at the bottom of this list.  But I'm not really  at the bottom:   I'm one of Mom's children, part of her family,  her best friend,  her shoulder to cry on and snuggle into and the Star of this blog!!!   Why on Earth should I be upset?"

As per usual, you are absolutely right, my dear, sweet Dreamer!

Wishing you ALL happiness...


  1. I read Suzanne's post, too, and loved it. Very much the way I was raised to believe.

  2. And I meant to add that you created a wonderful card, and YES! We like you! :-)

  3. This was wonderful! Many goat kisses to youuu! xxxxx oooooo

  4. My grandfather told me often ... 'It is the same life, no matter how you look at it!' ... I wish that I had believed him earlier in my life, but it sure makes my days better know.

    Hugs, Friend!

  5. and your Blog makes me feel happy Nancy. It is very much part of my life now. Long may your happiness increase. I hope you find the money for your electric soon.

  6. Anonymous7:04 PM

    I love you too, Nancy!! I'm soooooooooooo glad we met! You and your farm and your blogs have enriched my life in more ways than you can ever know! (And you picked one of my favorite pictures; but I cannot believe how small Sable was last winter.)

    By the way... MN state law, they CANNOT turn off your heat between 15-OCT and 15-MAR (or is it 15-APR?) If you call them and state that, you should be OK. If you can make a partial payment, or set up a "payment plan" they should be good with that. Also, if you let them know that you are unemployed, there are resources out there for energy assistance...

    Katie in MN

  7. In my state also, I believe utilities cannot be turned off in the winter. Please let us know what's happening.

  8. What a beautiful Happy Card list! I read Suzanne's, too, and have tried to start one, but I never get past my #1 and #2 - my own beautiful daughter, Diane, and the gorgeous grandson she gave me a year ago!

    As for the power situation, I'm with Katie in MN. At the very least call and talk to them. I've had several close calls over the years, and usually manage to get a payment agreement and quite often a waiver of any fees. Good luck, dear lady!!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  9. You brighten all our days with you wonderful pictures, witty commentary from "Dream", (seriously, we know it's you Nancy) and your cheery outlook.
    It's not lawful to shut off your electricity this time of year!!! Call them, I'm sure it can be worked out.
    Let us all know, we worry....

  10. My happy card would be almost identical to yours only I don't have hogs... yet. ;-)

    My Dad always told me, "No matter how bad things get, they always get better. They might get even worse first, but they always get better. Never give up."

  11. Years ago I came home from work to find my electric turned off. Called them, swore up and down I sent the bill in, they said they never received it and I had to pay all the late fees etc to get it turned back on. Literally months later I was cleaning off all the crap I had hanging on the refrigerator and found the bill w/the stamp on it....guess it wasn't in the mail:) Your blog always makes me smile Nancy, things always get better!

  12. I'm happy because it's a choice.. Your post today was tiggeriffic except when the electric man showed up..but there is a way to get your electric to stay on.
    I love dreamer~ he such a handsome dude..
    have a tiggerific day~! ta ta for now from Iowa..



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