Thursday, January 20, 2011

What EVER shall we DO?

Mom's sick!

It's just a bad cold, not the end of the world.

I bet that's why she gave us so much hay, yesterday.

Mom always takes good care of us.

Sable says...

"Stay in and stay warm ~ I'll keep an eye on things out here."


  1. Oh~ this is not a good time to be sick..especially with a cold if that is what you have. Seems to take forever to get over.
    Stay warm, drink lots of liquids and make some home-made chicken noodle soup.. There's something in that soup that makes one feel better and get well.
    Have a great day.ta ta for now from Iowa

  2. Oh Dream! What a silly photo! Tee hee hee. I hope your mom gets well sooon! xxxx oooo

  3. Get well Nancy........btw, great shots of the sheep, they always appear to be "saying" something to us.

  4. Such funny little faces! Get better. :)

  5. Geez, you can't win for losin'!

  6. Take care of yourself in the midst of the arctic blast that has arrived. Snuggle even deeper into your inside warm duds. P.S. Love the bell!

  7. Nancy, I hope the cold isn't exasperating your eye injury! Maybe Dream could go in the house and help you with things.

    Best wishes,
    Nancy in Iowa

  8. Oh you ave to share your picture and description of your sick-lunch today for Tiggerrific! It almost made me wish I was sick ;)
    That first pic of Dream is by far my new fav of hers! And the next one Alyce is right up there with her sticking her tongue out :)

  9. Oh gee, you are certainly having a tough go of it this week. Sounds like the cold bug is making it's way across Minnesota - having just left my house, sigh. That eye injury sounds awful. Hope it all heals well. Sure is nice to have caring and loving daughters, this I know. :-D Love the wind chime...has me dreaming of gentle summer days.

  10. Hi Nancy!! I'm so sorry that you're not feeling well--We'll send healing energy and thoughts from Virginia--Rest up, take care and remember that you're needed!! :-)))

  11. Sending hugs and best wishes for a speedy recovery :-)

  12. Hope you feel better soon Nancy. LOL great pictures!



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